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Found 15 results

  1. Hi! As the title says, the new font/layout "looks nice" but the bigger font and more spacing between each line mean less information displayed at once. You can see this from the other "choice of fonts" post in this group: the new layout takes about 25% more room to show the same information. i.e. I wish there was a "compact" mode where we can at least see as much information as before. Thank you, Francois
  2. In the legacy UI we had the option to hide ignored items in the workspace explorer. Especially with Unity projects this option is vital, since we have a huge amount of files and folders that we don't want to track. Not having this option makes the workspace explorer look cluttered. Will this feature be available again in the new UI at some point in the future?
  3. Looking for the relayout feature so I can organize some branches. Could someone direct me to it? or has it been removed?
  4. WindowsEnable Dark ThemeApplication title bar should not be a light color
  5. The "View Branch Explorer" function does not exist anymore in the context menu of repository. Nor view labels, view changesets, etc.
  6. Hi, I have switched the GUI of PlasticSCM to the alpha version. Parts of the Japanese version of the GUI are garbled and unreadable. Release version : OS: Windows/MacOS/Linux : Windows Steps to reproduce : This problem occurs when starting PlasticSCM in the Japanese environment. Real result : Of those we have checked, the following sections are unreadable Hint panel at the bottom of the screen (Comment notations in the diff window are also garbled) Comments in the branch details panel and text from the replication source Warning text in user profiles within preferences The same phenomenon occurs in both dark and light themes. Expected result : I would like the text to be rendered without garbling.
  7. Release version: Platform: Windows Issue: Unable to see pending changes (or switch branches) when the name of the branch your current workspace was on is changed by another source. Steps: Have two developers be on the same branch. Have pending changes on developer A's computer. Rename the branch on developer B's computer. Developer A will not be able to switch to the new renamed branch because it says they have pending changes. However those pending changes are not visible on the Pending Changes tab. Workaround: Once developer A switched back to Legacy UI, they saw the changes in the Pending Changes tab and were able to Undo local changes and switch branches.
  8. Using the new GUI this dialog: is _not_ shown when pressing "Update workspace". Instead the update just silently fails. I had to switch back to Legacy to find out why my updated files weren't showing up.
  9. If I diff a couple of changesets, and then click on different files, to see the line-by-line diffs, then the PlasticX client sometimes gets stuck in an infinite loop - it uses 100% of a core and becomes unresponsive. I have had this happen after jumping between 2 files, between 3 files, and between ~15 files during my tests. I do not experience this using my regular Plastic client. It is not 100% reproducible, so it's not specific files triggering bad behaviour. I am using dynamic workspaces. See issue #30614 for logs and videos.
  10. fter installing the latest version, I get the follow error when switching to the Branch Explorer with Plastic X, but not with Plastic 9:
  11. I'm testing with PlasticX on Windows, v10.0.16.6538. Here is a snapshot from the Workspace Explorer view: When I click on one of these right-arrow symbols, the UI will respond to the mouse-up event, not the mouse-down event. This makes the UI feel more sluggish than necessary. The old Plastic client reacts to the mouse-down event. ------------------------- In addition, I notice that it is not 100% reliable. Lots of clicking on the same folder's right-arrow will sometimes make a folder higher up expand. I think that is related to folders sometimes not opening instantly, and the UI not handling non-instant opens entirely correctly. I made this (an arrow disappeared) happen just by clicking a couple of times on that arrow -- see that 'Meshes' is missing an arrow in the screenshot below:
  12. When opening "browse repository in this changesets" or "view changesets in this branch" in the right of the branch explorer there are no "close" button to close those views.
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