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Found 2 results

  1. angus

    XMerge on OS X?

    Is XMerge available on OS X? I've set up SemanticMerge to be my git mergetool. Previously when I was using windows and had SemanticMerge try to resolve a conflict in a groovy file, it popped up and told me groovy wasn't a supported language, but allowed me to use XMerge. XMerge worked wonderfully. Now when I just tried to do the same thing on OS X, it popped up and said groovy wasn't a supported language and then "no external merge tool has been specified in order to proceed with the merge". I also don't see any XMerge binary in the .app bundle versions: OS X 10.10.5 git 2.5.1 semanticmerge
  2. One of our team members is having trouble creating new repositories. Whenever she tries to create a new repository she gets the following error: There has been an unexpected error "ERROR: 23502: null value in column "imoduleid" violates not-null constraint". For more infromation check the server log. We get this error from both the GUI and the command line. Just by way of testing the database we tried switching the database to SQLite thrugh the db.conf and she was able to create repositories without error. But once we switched the db.conf back to postgres we got the error again. We took a look at the databases in postgres and could find no reference to "imoduleid" within any of the databases. The already existing repos she is using are functioning fine, and we have not had this error in the past. She is using version on OS X Mountain Lion with PostgreSQL as the database backend. The only recent change to Plastic was an upgrade from version to We would appreciate any help you could give us, thanks.