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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, the issue I am facing is also discussed here: In addition to this when going to the pending changes tab "Finding changes in the workspace" is loading forever which means I can't roll back to my previous changes. This happened when merging with another branch of the same Unity project. I am currently using Plastic Black Sabbath - Paranoid. To reproduce: -Merged with other branch -Kept source changes (discarding mine for each conflict) -When the last move/delete conflict (6878 of them) was resolved I got warned about not having enough space in my C:drive -Freed some space and then proceeded to the Added/Private changes -Encountered this error: Could not find a part of the path "*My workspace's Asset folder*" Now I am left with an empty (name_conflict)_Assets folder while my Assets folder is still there. Also we're talking about 70gb merge if it's something worth considering. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. My checkins today suddenly stopped registering on the Plastic server, which is something I encounter often and can usually fix by logging in to the Plastic Server app and clicking “Undo” on the jammed changeset. Today I have a jammed changeset, displayed with a dashed circle in the Branch Explorer indicating there are pending changes. When I click “View Pending Changes”, there are 61 Changed Items, all of which are labeled “Files are identical”. It won’t let me “Undo” or “Checkin” this changeset. Instead it gives me an error: I moved the jammed changeset to a new branch to get it out of the way, but when I try to change the workspace back to the main branch, I get this error: I just want to delete/undo the pending changes. How can I do that? (I just sent this request to support via email, apologies for the double submission!) EDIT: I've also restarted the Plastic SCM service on the server, but that didn't fix the problem.
  3. When I try to checkin files, I keep getting the error: "the specified data could not be decrypted" I was able to fix the problem once by checking in my changed files one at a time (but that doesn't always work) and once by restarting my computer. Not sure if the second one works all the time, but even if it does, that is time consuming and avoids the actual problem. Any idea what may be happening?
  4. When a workspace has pending changes and the branch it is on has newer commits, the GUI provides the View New Changes button, allowing the changes to persist and resolve against the changes made. This is useful, as it doesn't require a new changeset to be created and local changes are retained. Does such functionality exist for branch switching? Often in our workflow, there are a common set of changes that can occur locally that prevent us from discarding if we want to switch to a neighbouring branch. It seems that such a workspace change would follow the similar process of resolving the changes without necessitating a commit, is that correct? Possibly a command line option could resolve this outside of the GUI also.
  5. Buenas días Tras actualizar a la versión de Macox que en breve se liberará la release final y he detectado que Plastic ha dejado de funcionar. Cuando voy a la vista de Cambios pendientes me sale esta pantalla La versión de Plastic que uso es: (Extreme - More Than Words) Creo que ya pasó lo mismo con la versión High Sierra. http://www.plasticscm.net/topic/20394-pending-changes-broken-on-high-sierra/ ¿Podéis indicarnos si saldrá en breve fix con la compatibilidad al 100%? Gracias Saludos
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