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Found 24 results

  1. Hi there, I have a branch specific path permission I have applied via the cm acl command which I can see in the GUI, but I am not seeing a way to view this using the showacl command or similar. It only shows the inherited repository permissions. Is there a way to do it? Thanks! Example: User 1 has permissions on path "/" in branch "/main". showacl command does not show User 1. PS C:\Users\ahtrc\wkspaces\tempwk> cm showacl br:/main@reponame1 ACL: 0 User Permission Allowed Denied InheritedFrom User 2 add Ye
  2. I'm evaluating Plastic Cloud Edition using Gluon as the front end. I've tried searching the web and forums to see if it is possible to manage access to individual cloud repositories but haven't been able to find any clear information. I'm interested specifically in the following: - Can you grant people access to specific repositories and not others? - Can access be restricted to read-only? - and if so how is this managed?
  3. Hi. I recently started using the path permission feature. Very practical, it allows me to have some private folders in my project that can be un-modifiable or invisible to users or group of users. But working on Unity, asset files come with a meta file. If I fully lock out a user from a folder and don't manually set the same permission for the meta file, the latter will be deleted by their Unity and appears added and deleted in our change set. That means forgetting the meta file would reveal there is a hidden folder to users who should not know about it. This could be solved by
  4. Hello, we have a strange case, i have a user UserA who has mergefrom as Allowed on 'repository server permissions' however every time he tries to update to the lastest changeset from Pending changes tab. he gets a message, you dont have permission for operation mergefrom. here is a log on the plastic server 2017-10-03 17:52:15,551 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM at xxxxxxx WARN Security - Access denied. Object id:28078@rep:130. SEID UserA. Permissions mergefrom I have one spare license and am using plastic
  5. Hiho. Most of our team is working on Windows, but we also have a few Mac users. Now every(?) time somebody commits something on a Mac, there will usually be several files that are unmodified, but are commited/need to be committed anyway, as they are marked as "Only filesystem permissions changed". In the diff window the info given is "Filesystem permissions changed from NOT_DEFINED to [...]". As we really don't care about these (our main platform is Windows, and all our projects use Unity), we'd like to be able to prevent these changes from being committed/recognized, as they create
  6. Hi ! I would like to change global perlmissions for users of my plastic servers, allowing them to "move" any object they want in the repositories. For example i've got a file named "file.php" and I am the owner of this file. If someone wants to rename it to "awesome-file.php", then they are prompted that they have not the rights to do it. Client side I can define rights file by file in the repositories, allowing users to move them (see attachement), but I would like to define it by default from the server side directly. Where can I manage the global users rights / permiss
  7. Hey, I am trying to set permission for an external group of users that will help us develop part of the game we are making. I would preferably make a branch, give them permissions for that branch and any subbranches that they make from that branch. Is that possible?
  8. Hi, We've just started using Plastic [] and I'm trying to set up security. My plan is to create a 'main' branch, which other developers can create sub-branches from but only I can check changes into. I've seen this model mentioned in various places and I thought it would simply be a case of removing the 'ci' permission from the main branch for everyone other than me. However, it seems whilst the removing the 'ci' permission prevents users checking changes directly into the branch, it does not prevent changes being checked in as a result of merging from a child branch.
  9. This only took me three hours to figure out, but I just did a clean install of Plastic SCM version, and immediately migrated to MS SQL Server, which seemed to go okay (No warnings, no errors, etc.), but in actuality it failed. Turns out if you don't supply a folder for your databases, instead of using the default folder associated with MS SQL Server, Plastic uses the %plastic%\server folder, which if installed to the default location in Program Files has restrictions. So you either need to supply another folder (which I did), or give the proper permissions to the %plastic% f
  10. Somehow I have lost the ability to perform basically any and all tasks on my plastic server. You name the command I can't execute it. I tried as two users, one of which earlier on in the day I could checkout the one repository in the server, but now neither can do anything. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to get access to it. Keep in mind, I have basically no access to the GUI at all because the GUI requires a workspace, which requires a repository, which I can't access or create a new one. There were other things potentially going on with the server at this point, but I'm not awar
  11. I need a little assistance setting up permissions. Basically I would like to setup a repository with a main branch that can not be commited to or merged to by anyone but a single user. We work distributed, but have a main repo on our company server which we sync to. I'm trying to have it so that developers pull from the main repo, yet don't have rights on their local machine to commit or merge to the main branch. However, users should be able to start branches off of main, and merge within those branches. I've already created an integrator user on my domain, and assigned him to the rep
  12. I occasionally screwed up permissions for one of the repos and looks like I am not alone with such an issue. Here is solution how to fix that in case if you using MySql as backend database (I suppose it will work for all others as well). You can see values in attached screenshot (you have to have account at this forum to see attachments, isn`t?).
  13. I was wondering how to protect a repo's main branch from accidental check-ins. Before I start a new task, sometimes I forget to create a child branch for it, which later causes accidental check-ins into the main branch. It may have bad consequences when somebody starts working with such 'dirty' changeset unaware. Trying to find a way to protect programmers from this kind of mistake, I tested what happens when I deny my user the ci permission on the main branch. I noticed that when I tried to check my local changes in, I wasn't allowed to do that (just as I expected). But I was hoping to be
  14. [Actually the issue is more severe and is not just related to the repository permissions] Hi, After migrating from the embedded storage to mysql storage I could see all my repositories and list their changesets. And then when attempting to do *anything* with two particular repositories (commit stuff, edit permissions, start replication) I get the following server output corresponding to the attached screenshot : =================================================== 2013-07-26 14:42:38,868 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM at PC ERROR Operations - Plastic server v
  15. Hello, Using v.41. Burgo I did usual mistake : denying all permissions to all users on a couple of existing repositories. I can't see at all these repositories in the repo list in the Plastic client. Could you please pass me the instructions to reset these repos to their security default. Thanks in advance FredM ps: I tried upgrading to 4.2 but then I couldn't see any repositories anymore, not even the ones of which I hadn't changed the security permissions.
  16. Hello, Using version 4.1.x Burgo, is it possible to configure access rights to prevent a user account from being able to create a repo on the server ? If yes, then how ? Thanks in advance Fred
  17. I am new to Plastic, and I am looking for the "best practice" for setting up group permissions. Specifically, whether I should remove (not deny) permissions from the "All Users" group, and Allow permissions to new groups that I create, or should I leave the "All Users" group alone, and Deny permissions to new groups. I plan to have a relatively simple setup initially. Something like this: three groups: Development, QA, and Tech Support four repositories: Documentation, Source Code, Assemblies, and Install Packages. Any suggestions, examples or insights would be greatly appreciated.
  18. I use PSCM successfully configured with user/password mode installed on a remote server. I'm now starting to make some changes in configuration like for example using AD mode and configuring permissions. I've installed my own local pscm repo server to test out the AD mode but when i try to affect the permissions on the "default" repo created in my local instance, nothing happens. I am trying to change the owner of this repo to my AD account but when i click ok nothing happens. I also tried using cm command: cm setowner -user=bustamd1 repserver: MYCOMPUTER:8087 and I've tried providing the do
  19. How could I enforce permissions to only allow merge from (any) label in one particular branch (by name)... for example, given branches main and production, I'd like the only allowed checkins into production branch to be from a label in main branch (or also from a previous cs (subtractive merge) in the production branch). Is this possible?
  20. Looking through the documentation, I'm unable to find any information on how to administer permissions on Users and/or Groups when using LDAP or AD Auth. We have several teams and want to limit access to certain areas of the repo to read only for a particular team. We are currently running version Any info would be helpful. Thank you. Mike Albelo
  21. I have my Plastic server setup to use ActiveDirectory authentication. Currently we have 6 developers with 1 administrator. How does Plastic count the actual users in terms of licensing? I'm getting an error saying the maximum number of users has been exceeded for my license, but I think it may be related to how I have it setup. Is there a quick test to tell me how many users Plastic thinks I have?
  22. We've started up a "Central Server" that is using Active Directory integrated security. The first question I got was how (or can we) control who can attach to this server and create new repositories and check things in? I know how to adjust permissions at the repository level, but is there any way to say: 'On [Person X] is allowed to create new repositories', or 'Only [Group Y] is allowed to use this server'?
  23. can someone please tell me what are the exact permissions needed for the plastic user on the mysql server ? (a GRANT statement would be nice). Is it possible to create the databases it needs and give it rights only on those databases? if so, what databases should I create for it? and what permissions should I give on them (Actually when limiting it to those databases I don't care giving it ALL permissions).
  24. Hi everyone.. Our team is running on the Plastic 4.0 beta. We're currently about 10 strong with about 5 repositories.. As the "source administrator guy" i'd like to lock plastic down to the point where any new users created automatically have access to nothing, and then receive access when assigned to groups etc. At the moment it's the other way round. I have read the security guide (found here: http://www.plasticscm.com/releases/3.0.1/manuals-html/en/securityguide.htm ) about 2 or 3 times and am still not entirely clear on how to achieve this.. Here are the steps i have taken (from the
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