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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I am working on building a Blender add-on that can interacts with multiple versions control systems. In this specific situation, I am writing the add-on in python. I was wondering what is the best way to interact with Plastic from my plugin. So far I chose to use the "cm" CLI to do that, starting sub-processes in python and reading the outputs. I am wondering if using the Rest api would be a better solution? If it is, how would you do it? As far as I know, I would need to manually start the Plastic server using "cm api", but I already some possible issues here : -It looks like only one rest API can be started at a time. If multiple software/add-ons/plugins start to use the rest API, this can leads to problem: if the server runs as a subprocess of one of the plugin it could be terminated while another plugin is accessing it. One plugin could start the server with a specific port and the other plugins would not be able to connect to it nor to start a new server... (Would it not be nice if the rest server was started automatically as a service, and plugins could query the used port via the cli?) Then, the practicality: Would you recommend to start the rest server when the plugin starts, and kill the process when the plugin stops? To keep the process running indefinitely? Or to start it just when the plugin needs to interact with plastic and kill it right after? (last one sounds too slow) Thank you!
  2. Hello, I'm trying out PlasticSCM in a cloud setup. There is an issue in Visual Studio 2022 where I get a lot of errors from your plugin when editing C++ header files. The implementation files (cpp files) do not have these errors. I clicked the error to expand the error message on one row (they all look the same). Translating the error to english would say something like: "Error: The objectreference has not been set to an instance of an object." Is there a setting I have missed or what can I do to work around this?
  3. Hello, We are a small team game development on Unity and we are actually migrating from Collab to PlasticSCM. We are using Gitlab for issue tracking and Discord as our communication tool. It seems complicated to integrate PlasticSCM Cloud Edition in our workflow. There is not webhook for Discord neither Plastic Gitlab integration. Do we have to develop our own tools to link everything to PlasticSCM ? What's the good way to do it ? Is it even possible to do it with the Cloud Edition..? Best, Matthis Le Texier
  4. I have a rather frustrating error to do with the Unity plugin which is stopping me from being able to use the built in support. I have a 3 user Team licence set up on a remote server which I have an open connection with in the Plastic SCM client (everything is fully functional in the client) but every time I click connect in the editor I receive two errors which I have attached. Been up all night trying to fix this - would appreciate some help! https://gyazo.com/992e19f02cca3f27727766e475c6b7dd
  5. Hi! Just wanted to let everybody know that I build a plugin for SonarQube: https://www.sonarqube.org/ This will add annotate/blame info to your SonarQube projects 😃 Feel free to use it: https://github.com/KhaosCoders/sonar_scm_plasticscm
  6. Hey, I created a new repository on the cloud server and linked it to my local workspace directly for a Unreal Engine 4 project, currently my team has two members, i set up the project on two PCs, Pushing and Pulling of changes is working flawlessly, but if i or my team mate check out any file, that does not reflect on the UE4 UI or in Gluon/Plastic SCM. Am i missing some settings ?
  7. Okay, so here is my current dilemma (and PLEASE bear with me, as my Linux experience is minimal). I inherited a Systems Administrator position in which we had Atlassian Jira installed on Ubuntu 14.04. They wanted it upgraded to the newest release of Ubuntu, and they wanted a bunch more Atlassian products to go along with it. In a test environment, I've cloned our Jira Server and upgraded it to Ubuntu 16.04. ALL works well. I've been able to install Bamboo, Confluence, Crucible, TeamCity, etc, and they've been tested to work perfectly. I have Plastic SCM installed on a Windows 2012 R2 Server. I have Crucible installed on a Linux VM (Ubuntu 16.04). I have a Test Repository setup on our Plastic Server, for our group to test on. However, when I try to install the Plastic SCM Plugin on Crucible, it breaks something. And I've found NO instructions online to install or troubleshoot this Plugin installation. So here are the steps I take and the errors that I run into. I'm running Crucible 4.4.0 (the most recent version). I'm using the most recent Crucible Plugin (vs 4.2). I go to my Administration screen. Click "Manage Add-Ons." I upload the add-on. I check to see that it's enabled. I add the repository (and doublecheck the port/hostname/repository) When i click repositories, it does not show up on my list of "Plugins." Then, when I restart the server to make sure the plugin is installed and configured, I get the following error: An error has occurred: Error Error calling server:com.google.gwt.user.client.rpc.StatusCodeException: 500 The call failed on the server; see server log for details Unknown.Hd(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@13019) Unknown.Oub(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@24) Unknown.f8b(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@23) Unknown.gbc(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@18966) Unknown.eCb(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@141) Unknown.xCb(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@13568) Unknown.<anonymous>(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@65) Unknown.awb(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@30) Unknown.dwb(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@46) Unknown.<anonymous>(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@46) You are running release CR4.4.0 FE4.4.0 (20170412122150 2017-04-12), please report your release number when reporting bugs.
  8. I was wondering if the IntelliJ IDEA plugin would work for Rider. It is from the same company and based on the same IDE engine... It allowed me to select it as a target to install the plugin to the Plastic installer is recognizing it as a valid IDE, and it is showing up in the list of installed plugins. However it is greyed out (even though the check mark is on) and the options are unavailable. I think it would be a really good integration for Plastic given how well it works with C#.
  9. I use Atlassian Bamboo as CI service together with PlasticSCM (tested plugin 5.6.2 and 5.10.1) When I configure a source code checkout task to checkout to a sub directory the directory is created but the source code remains in the working directory. When I use another source ode repo (like git) the option works well. Therefore I think there is a bug in the bamboo-plasticscm-plugin plastic version: Bamboo: 6.3.0 (running on Ubuntu) plugin: 5.10.1 (tested with 5.6.2 as well)
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