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Found 8 results

  1. According to release notes the current public version is from 31st January. However, I cannot see any blog post about any version newer than, even though release notes are referring to it: ... Internal Release (Jan 30th 2014)==================================================== New Now the Branch Explorer can filter the branches to show. The old conditional format tab has been updated to include new filtering rules. It is possible to define inclusion and exclusion rules. To get further information about this feature please see th
  2. We currently use Visual Source Safe. To make the process of releasing new software versions easy, we created a separate repo fully made of links to binaries from multiple projects that have to be included in the installer. Because the links in VSS are not revision-based and point directly to files, whenever you download the installer's directory tree, it is populated with the latest versions of the binaries. All you have to do then is open the installer's project and build it. It takes minutes. How to manage releasing installers not to spend hours or days doing it (esp. when the setup is b
  3. We are on fire! A new public release that comes with the Eclipse Mylyn support!! We also have a preferences refactor for the switch to branch operation, very useful for CLI users! Check all the new stuff here: http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2013/02/plastic-scm-4110397-is-out.html Release notes: External Release (Feb 11th 2013) ==================================================== New Installer: Mylyn for Eclipse has been included in the installer! Now it is available for Plastic SCM 4. New The CLI now takes into accoun
  4. Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new release available! @geoff5777 this one has something that can help with the CPU consumption issue. Check all the new features and bug fixes -> http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2013/02/plastic-scm-4110394-is-out.html As always here you have the release notes: (394 and 391) External Release (Jan 31th 2013) ==================================================== New Method History: now it is possible to check the history of a method that it is contained in a file that it is not loaded in the workspace. To do
  5. Hi there! We have a new public release: http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2012/12/plastic-scm-4110376-release-is-out.html The big thing here is the improved move detection, give it a try! Release notes for BL376 and BL374 External Release (Dec 03th 2012) ==================================================== New Now the move search by similar content can be restricted to the same file extension for text files, binary files or both. By default, the binary files are restricted to process only the files with same extension. New
  6. Hey there! A new release is published! Check the details here: http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2012/08/a-new-release-of-4.html And here the release notes: External Release (Aug 14th 2012) ==================================================== New RSS view: Now, the avatars are stored in the plastic4 local folder instead of the Temp local folder. Also, the image file resource is immediately released after it's loaded in memory. Finally, a better mechanism for non-available images has been implemented. Bug The locally moved o
  7. I have a question and some concerns about how users are to learn of new PlasticSCM releases. Clearly you and your user base are excited about the 4.1 release. It is huge and very nice. Yet as far as I can see, there is yet to be a blog post, an announcements forum entry or a tweet about its release earlier this week. Today, there is a release in the downloads area (Version which is one newer than I downloaded earlier in the week. There are no release notes for this release. The latest release notes are for Version Was 268 not important enough to tell users about? So
  8. Hello! I'm glad to announce the new public release! It has some cool new features, please take a look into the release notes below: External Release (Jan 24th 2011) ==================================================== New Now it is possible to switch to a certain changeset from the GUI, as it is done for a branch. New Plastic CLI: From now on, the mklabel command will create the label attached to a changeset always as the GUI does. If --changeset is not specified, the command must be executed in a workspace (the label is created attached to the current change
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