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Found 8 results

  1. JakubH

    Blog falls behind?

    According to release notes the current public version is from 31st January. However, I cannot see any blog post about any version newer than, even though release notes are referring to it: ... Internal Release (Jan 30th 2014)==================================================== New Now the Branch Explorer can filter the branches to show. The old conditional format tab has been updated to include new filtering rules. It is possible to define inclusion and exclusion rules. To get further information about this feature please see the blogpost related to this release in our blog. ...
  2. We currently use Visual Source Safe. To make the process of releasing new software versions easy, we created a separate repo fully made of links to binaries from multiple projects that have to be included in the installer. Because the links in VSS are not revision-based and point directly to files, whenever you download the installer's directory tree, it is populated with the latest versions of the binaries. All you have to do then is open the installer's project and build it. It takes minutes. How to manage releasing installers not to spend hours or days doing it (esp. when the setup is built of hundreds or thousands of files)? If we migrate to PSCM, how should we facilitate that process? Would you mind telling me how you do it?
  3. We are on fire! A new public release that comes with the Eclipse Mylyn support!! We also have a preferences refactor for the switch to branch operation, very useful for CLI users! Check all the new stuff here: http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2013/02/plastic-scm-4110397-is-out.html Release notes: External Release (Feb 11th 2013) ==================================================== New Installer: Mylyn for Eclipse has been included in the installer! Now it is available for Plastic SCM 4. New The CLI now takes into account the preference to allow / do not allow when trying to switch / update a workspace with changed items. This preference has been moved from GUI configuration (guiclient.conf) to the common configuration (client.conf). The old value for this setting will be upgraded to the new behavior the first that Plastic is loaded. On the other hand, this preference could still be changed from the GUI from "Preferences" -> "Other options" -> "Behavior when trying to switch / update the workspace with changed items": * "Allow" * "Allow, showing a warning" * "Do not allow, showing an error" Bug Server: The stats logging was failing in some concurrency scenarios (the call user was not set yet). Bug Version tree 2D: Fixed a crash (stack overflow exception) that happened when the main branch has a long history. Bug Version tree 2D: the changeset number was cut when drawing the vertical layout. Fixed. Bug Method history: A null was raised in linux when the view was opened (from the Annotate view, as usual). It is a mono 2.6.x issue that happens when setting the value of a DataGridViewCell object. Fixed: The problem has been workarounded by initializing the rows of the grid in a different way.
  4. Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new release available! @geoff5777 this one has something that can help with the CPU consumption issue. Check all the new features and bug fixes -> http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2013/02/plastic-scm-4110394-is-out.html As always here you have the release notes: (394 and 391) External Release (Jan 31th 2013) ==================================================== New Method History: now it is possible to check the history of a method that it is contained in a file that it is not loaded in the workspace. To do that, from the Repository browser view or the History view, open the Annotate view and then right click on the left panel and select "Show method history", as usual. In addition to that, some texts that appeared cut have been fixed. Performance LDAP performance has been improved (most of the improved things are common for all the security providers): * Users and their relationships are refreshed periodically as usual, but only the users that are still in use, instead of all the known users by Plastic. So if no user is active at that moment (no one is working with Plastic) no user will be reloaded. * The DB access has been avoided during the users refresh. The refresh interval has been increased from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, as several customers demanded. * Some LDAP calls have been avoided, getting the common information among different users and groups. Bug When a different client (or clients) are checking the workspace content (reading it), while the current client is trying to save the new workspace content (the operation result), it was possible that the new workspace content could not be stored so the old workspace content (without the operation changes) was preserved. Fixed: now if the workspace content cannot be stored the operation will fail. In addition to that, the concurrent read and write operation on the workspace content have been improved. Bug Branch Explorer: Fixed a crash that happened when: 1) Issue tracking integration enabled (branch mode), and 2) enter visibility mode in branch explorer, and 3) show "Legend". Error: Key cannot be null. Bug Fast import: It has been improved: - Better progress notification, - fixed some bugs and - improved performance. Bug Team City plugin: The patches applied on the remote agents were not performing the delete operations properly. Now the items that have been deleted between the previous build and the current one are properly applied. External Release (Jan 23th 2013) ==================================================== Bug Code Review: When a deleted item was selected, a "Value cannot be null." error was returned. Fixed. Bug Merge: A merge resolution issue that happens when a directory is removed and added again during the merge resolution, has been fixed. Example: We keep the source resolution on the following merge case: base: /src /src/foo.c src: add /doc mv /src/foo.c to /doc/foo.c delete src dst: add /src/bar.c add /src/qux.c Bug Branch Explorer: Improved the mechanism to preserve the position when the diagram is refreshed. In addition to that the following has been fixed: * It scrolled down and right a little bit when it was refreshed. Fixed. * It sometimes showed a blank part of the diagram when the workspace working information was not found. Fixed: now it focuses on the LAST changeset (last checkin). * Fixed some errors when refreshing the view intensively. Bug Documentation: All the "revno" appearances deleted, since they are pointless in Plastic SCM 4.
  5. Hi there! We have a new public release: http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2012/12/plastic-scm-4110376-release-is-out.html The big thing here is the improved move detection, give it a try! Release notes for BL376 and BL374 External Release (Dec 03th 2012) ==================================================== New Now the move search by similar content can be restricted to the same file extension for text files, binary files or both. By default, the binary files are restricted to process only the files with same extension. New Advanced queries can be executed now by hitting . There is no need to go and click on "Execute". Bug Trigger examples removed from the installer, as they were not correct in 4.0. Bug Small aesthetical issues fixed. The client configuration wizard includes an example attached to the "server" text box, in order to help the user what information goes there. Bug Branch Explorer: navigation keys did not work properly when the "Display only relevant changesets" option was enabled. Fixed. Bug WebUI: the repository description has been removed, as it was pointless. Bug WebUI: When downloading raw data of a .zip or .dll file, the name suggested by the Internet browser was "Raw" instead of the item name. Fixed: the name was only set if the content type was octet-stream, which was not correct. External Release (Nov 26th 2012) ==================================================== New Shelves with more than one file to be merged can now be partially applied: not all of them need to be merged. The applied shelve does not show up in the Pending Changes View anymore as an in-progress merge. Bug Fixed a problem when discovering servers. The second run may got stucked. This happened only in some special circumstances and was not easy to reproduce, so this is a minor issue.
  6. Hey there! A new release is published! Check the details here: http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2012/08/a-new-release-of-4.html And here the release notes: External Release (Aug 14th 2012) ==================================================== New RSS view: Now, the avatars are stored in the plastic4 local folder instead of the Temp local folder. Also, the image file resource is immediately released after it's loaded in memory. Finally, a better mechanism for non-available images has been implemented. Bug The locally moved operations could not be applied when a directory was renamed to its old name plus some new characters and it contained other directory inside. Fixed. Bug The recent items list might became a mess if it stored more than 5 items because the separators were taken into account as normal items, and when restarting the GUI new separators were introduced every 5 items... Fixed. Known issues: * The merge-to feature does not expand branches in xlinks. * Changes in file permissions of directories that are placed directly inside the root of the workspace are not saved. This only affects directories that are DIRECTLY inside the root, not subdirs, and does not affect files either. * Xlink renaming is not supported. Xlinks can't be moved or renamed. You will see a warning message if you try to do it. cm xlink xxx / 1@CmdRunnerGitHub@localhost:8084 -w cm ci cm mv xxx yyy -> Xlinks cannot be moved * Restore operation is not implemented yet. The restore operation for deleted items is not available yet. You can, however, use the subtractive merge in order to recover a removed item. * Undo changes does not update the workspace inside xlinks after a merge operation. The changes done inside a xlinked path are not updated after an undo changes operation if the changes comes from a merge proccess. You can have missing or outdated files, a simple update operation will recover all the files. cm mkbranch br:/main/scm001 cm stb scm001 cm co XlinkPath/FileUnderSlink.txt cm co XlinkPath/FileUnderSlink2.txt cm co XlinkPath/FileUnderSlink3.txt -> Edit files cm ci -> Created changeset cs:5@br:/main/scm001@rep:xlinkMergeTest@repserver:TIZONA:8084 cm stb main cm merge br:/main/scm001 --merge cm unco -> c:\xlinkMerge\XlinkPath\FileUnderSlink.txt unchecked out correctly -> c:\xlinkMerge\XlinkPath\FileUnderSlink2.txt unchecked out correctly -> c:\xlinkMerge\XlinkPath\FileUnderSlink2.txt unchecked out correctly cm update . -> Copied XlinkPath/FileUnderSlink.txt -> Copied XlinkPath/FileUnderSlink2.txt -> Copied XlinkPath/FileUnderSlink3.txt * When (re)opening the advanced search in the Branches view, the default query no longer displays. To work around this, simply type in the default query ("find branches") or type in your own custom query to suit your needs. * A new attribute applied to an item is not shown in the Attributes list. When you are adding a new attribute to a branch, for example, the new attribute created is not immediately shown in the attribute list. If you refresh the view after creating the attribute you will be able to see the new attribute. * If you're reviewing branch attributes in the Branch view, and you use the branch filter, the attributes view is not updated. Instead, it shows the attributes for the last selected branch, which may or may not be a part of the query. To update the attributes view, simply click on the branch you're interested in. * Writable XLinks Merge does not support the xlink edition (cm xlink -e) to a conected changeset, an ancestor changeset. Merge operations having xlinks in a source contributor targeting an older and already connected changeset are not finding conflicts. The changesets in the external repository are already connected. * Scenario: create two xlinks pointing to the same rep. When trying to perform an update, it fails. It's not possible for PlasticSCM to perform an update operation having two or more xlinks pointing to the same repository. It's not allowed to load the same item in multiple workspace paths. * The check-in between several repositories should be atomic. Currently, the check-in is done and committed from the deeper repositories to the root repository. If something fails in the higher mounted repos, the check-in done in the deeper repos is still committed, so, the operation is not atomic between repos. A check-in operation that affects several repositories is not atomic. The check-in operation iterates over each xlinked repository with changes and performs a commit one by one. If one of these steps' "commit" fails, the operation is cancelled but the commits already done are not rolled back. cm stb br:/main/scm002 cm co fileInLocalRep.txt cm co xlink\fileInExternalRep.txt //edit both files cm acl -user=manu -denied=+ci br:/main/scm002 cm ci You don't have permissions for operation ci. * Support xlink evil twin rename resolution Plastic SCM is not able to handle evil twin conflicts with a rename resolution. Only "Keep source" and "Keep destination" options are valid for this kind of conflict. mkdir SecretProject cm xlink SecretProject / 1@CmdRunnerGitHub@localhost:8084 -w cm ci cm mkbranch scm001 --changeset=1 cm stb scm001 mkdir SecretProject cm xlink SecretProject / 1@CmdRunnerGitHub@localhost:8084 -w cm ci cm merge main Please enter a new name for the destination: xlink-dst Item -1 could not be found in the tree. The new tree cannot be built.
  7. gregsohl

    Release Announcements

    I have a question and some concerns about how users are to learn of new PlasticSCM releases. Clearly you and your user base are excited about the 4.1 release. It is huge and very nice. Yet as far as I can see, there is yet to be a blog post, an announcements forum entry or a tweet about its release earlier this week. Today, there is a release in the downloads area (Version which is one newer than I downloaded earlier in the week. There are no release notes for this release. The latest release notes are for Version Was 268 not important enough to tell users about? So here's the question (I said I had one). What am I missing? How are we to learn of your great work? Whoops, that was two questions. It's not enough to just write great software folks. Don't forget the other stuff too. (I'm not just talking to Codice about that everyone. This goes for all our industry!) BTW, my evaluation of SCCM systems is now complete. Plastic is my recommendation. That is an almost certainty of adoption. My interest in the type of thing I'm asking about above (along with many of the details I've previously written about) is now heightened. As I've said, I'm a fan and pulling for your success. Thanks. Greg
  8. Hello! I'm glad to announce the new public release! It has some cool new features, please take a look into the release notes below: External Release (Jan 24th 2011) ==================================================== New Now it is possible to switch to a certain changeset from the GUI, as it is done for a branch. New Plastic CLI: From now on, the mklabel command will create the label attached to a changeset always as the GUI does. If --changeset is not specified, the command must be executed in a workspace (the label is created attached to the current changeset). The --allselectorrepositories switch has been renamed to --allxlinkedrepositories in order to apply the label to all xlinked repositories. New Diff command supports a full branch name, showing the differences of that branch. Example: cm diff br:/main/mytask New The queries preferences will be saved per any single workspace. From now on, it is possible to set different default queries in each workspace. New Shell Extension: Now it is possible to checkin a folder that contains controlled changes inside. New ReviewBoard plugin has been adapted to Plastic SCM 4.0. You can create reviews from a specific changeset or branch typing the following command within a workspace: post-review --username=<user> --server=http://<reviewboard_server>:<port> [cs:cset_num | branch_full_name ] The plugin is included in the ReviewBoard tool itself, so this plugin will not be available until a new version of ReviewBoard is released. Optionally, you can ask us for the code and simply replace the plastic.py files. New Jenkins plugin adapted to Plastic SCM 4.0. It will be ready as soon as the changes are integrated in the Jenkins project, but in the meantime you can ask support for the plugin. New The Admin tool now has a shortcut in Windows included in the Start menu, Programs, Plastic SCM and finally Server tools. New Java-related plugins: Added more log entries. The logger name is "PlasticSCMJavaCore". Fixed a potential deadlock when syncing the java core with cm.exe process. Performance: The fast-import performance has been greatly improved. Bug Subtractive merge for writable xlinks has been fixed. The merge of multiple writable XLinks that has been modified only on source has been fixed. Bug Unco error with directories on checkout without changes inside has been fixed. Bug Replica: There was a problem with unknown users that could be caused by a fast-import. The problem was only reproducible in Active Directory authentication mode. Bug Plastic GUI: After renaming the current branch, it was neccessary to update the selector in order to continue working because otherwise the branch was not found. Fixd: an update automatically takes place after renaming the current branch. Bug Plastic GUI: If the file paths were too long they were not displayed in the progress dialog. Fixed: long paths appear with ellipsis. Bug Plastic GUI: Do not permit to rename objects (branch/label...) with an empty name. Fixed. Bug Branch Explorer: A crash with a huge diagrams has been fixed. Bug XLinks: An error message appeared when trying to checkin a readonly xlink creation from the GUI when it was the only change. Fixed. Bug Fast-import: After performing a fast-import the following changeset created had number 1 instead of the last one. Fixed. Bug FogBugZ extension: Altough the extension was working fine, the test connection was broken. Fixed. Bug TeamCity plugin: it was labelling always the changeset loaded in the workspace, which could not be the changeset used in the build. The plugin has been changed to label the appropriate changeset: the one that has been tested in the build. Bug Admin tool: When started the application, a DOS console was opened. Also, the main form had the default WinForms icon. Both fixed. Download it from out our downloads page: https://www.plastics...ditions.en.aspx