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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, unfortunately I am having troubles with Plastic SCM cloud since day one. When I open client GUI whatewer I do error appears: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it As far as I understand the problem, plastic cloud works with two servers. There is local server and there is cloud server. It looks like local server cannot start for some reason. I've tried to start it manually by going to ProcessManager->Services and starting "Plastic Server 5" service. It starts but then it stopps immediately. My OS is Windows 10 Pro. There are no logs under C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\server that I can attach. cheers, Dawid
  2. Good Day - Is there a way to get the exact version of an installed Plastic server and client? Thanks, Tom
  3. Hello there! I'm new to Plastic and try my best to solve this problem to myself, but atlast - i'm stack. So, what's the proble: I'm trying Plastic in distributed mode to work with an existing project When the program was launched for the first time, the wizard for creating the first workplace opened - I selected the mode, indicated the name and address of the local repository, and selected the one in the cloud The workplace, repository and sync rule was created, but when i try to look at the branches of cloud to pull whem by the sync i get this error: Also when i try to look at my local profile setting i got this error: Cannot retrieve the profile from local. Details: *one from below* So,I looked at the log and there was an error (the second replaced the first after several reinstallations of the Plastic) : ERROR PlasticRestApi - There was an error while calling 'https://local:7179/api/v1/login/accesstoken': This host is unknown. (local:7179) or ERROR PlasticRestApi - There was an error while calling 'https://local:7179/api/v1/login/accesstoken': The remote name could not be resolved: 'local' And the server log (plastic.errors.log.**) have: (null) (null) ERROR Organizations - Organizations configuration file 'C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\server\organizations.conf' does not exist! What I did trying to fix them: I test this port (local:7179) in cmd (netstat) and powershell (Test-NetConnection) - it did not find it I checked the services from Plastic - they work, even restarting Added this port and services to the exceptions in the firewall and my antivirus Created an empty 'organizations.conf' file - because of this, the rest of the functionality of the program stopped working and the server simply gave an error about this file Clear (with delete the the 'PlasticSCM5' folder) reinstalled the program But nothing could fix the problem, only the error text changed. What could be the reason - why the local server cannot start normally? Or is the problem something else? For now, I will work in centralized mode, like the rest of the team, but I still want to make distributed work as well. I have attached the server and client logs. plastic.relevant.log.20220623.txt plastic.debug.log.20220623.txt plastic.debug.log.20220623.txt plastic.errors.log.20220623.txt
  4. Hi! I'm currently at working hour and I find my project which connected with Plastic somehow stuck at OnGUI.Repaint. I have waited for about 10 minutes loading this and it's unfinish. Instead, force close the Unity Project and then reopen it again without internet being connected. It works and I can work on my project. Is the Plastic SCM server currently down? It's annoying because Plastic SCM depends on internet connection and cannot work in offline mode. Best Regard, Joen
  5. Hi all, checkin of some files freezes at the end of uploading and this error appears
  6. Hi there. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for managing storage on an enterprise server. I'm running Plastic SCM on Azure via an attached disk which has a maximum possible size of 32Tb. It'll be a while before we max out on this disk's storage space but I'd like a solution in place for when we get to that point. I can see 2 possible avenues as solutions... 1: set up a second overflow disk as repository storage (I can't see support for this in the GUI or manual so let me know if this is a possibility) 2: Delete or archive old repositories from the storage elsewhere (This doesn't seem ideal but perhaps there are tools to do this) This may not be an issue that has arisen before but I'm curious for someone's take on it!
  7. We had an issue last week where our in house PlasticSCM server stopped responding (running on an AWS EC2 instance under RHEL7). We have had this issue several times over the last few weeks, so we decided to do a yum update on the server. After this update ( the server was rebooted. This is where thing deveate from normal. Long story short, the update changed a bunch of settings, seemingly at random and it took about 2 hours to get the server back to usable. Fast forward a week and I need to add 3 new users to the server. I shelled into the server and ran umtool to see how many licences were left and got this [ec2-user@ip-10-0-0-6 plasticscm5]$ umtool -bash: umtool: command not found digging a little deeper and we get this [ec2-user@ip-10-0-0-6 plasticscm5]$ ls -Rl | grep umtool [ec2-user@ip-10-0-0-6 plasticscm5]$ So basically, umtool appears to have totally dissapeared from the plasticscm install directory. Does anyone happen to know what package this is actually in? Options I have are as follows [ec2-user@ip-10-0-0-6 plasticscm5]$ sudo yum --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo="plasticscm-stable" list available Loaded plugins: amazon-id, search-disabled-repos Available Packages plasticscm-client-complete.noarch plasticscm-stable plasticscm-client-core.x86_64 plasticscm-stable plasticscm-client-gtk.noarch plasticscm-stable plasticscm-cloud.noarch plasticscm-stable plasticscm-complete.noarch plasticscm-stable plasticscm-dvcs.noarch plasticscm-stable plasticscm-mono4-devel.x86_64 4.6.2-1.4 plasticscm-stable plasticscm-proxy-server.noarch plasticscm-stable plasticscm-proxy-server-netcore.x86_64 plasticscm-stable plasticscm-server-complete.noarch plasticscm-stable plasticscm-server-core.x86_64 plasticscm-stable plasticscm-theme.noarch plasticscm-stable I don't want to attempt further maintence on the system till I can be sure I will get umtool back as this is the ONLY way we can see what licences are used. There have been issues with changing peoples names in the WebInterface and it then using 2 licences for one person in the past (the company changed it's naming convention, but we've not switched everyone over yet), so we keep a fairly close eye on this. Without umtool I am pretty stuck as we can't disable licenced users that are no longer needed.
  8. Hello! We have a server to serve connection and current we push any changesets we have from one server to another for replication. But we have a problem where if a chageset is pushed and then deleted in original server, any other pushes to that branch would error out because that would crate a conflict. Is there any way to push a deletion action between servers? I was looking in this guide but didn't find any info. Thank you
  9. Hi all, according to https://plasticscmsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010163773-How-to-move-a-repository-to-a-new-Plastic-SCM-server there is an easy way to move a repository from one server instance to another. If you look at step 2 (Move the "jet/rep_2" folder to the new server "jet" folder): Is it possible to rename it in the same step e.g. to rep_1234? Is the string "rep_2" somewhere within the DB which will lead to problems when including that repo with following command? cm addrep rep_1234 core NEWSERVER:8087 Background: I want to move a repository from my local machine to the central server. There is quite a good chance that "rep_2" already exists on that machine. So I need to alter the number. Best regards Jan
  10. I spend the last week's to build this simple dotnet Core app: https://github.com/KhaosCoders/plastic-notify-center It acts as notification hub where triggers from Plastic SCM get translated into notifications for users who registered for them. Currently it only sends emails via SMTP, but it is prepared to support more channels. There sure is room for improvement, too. Feel free to suggest or implement new features. I hope the guys from Codice Software don't mind that the icon is similar to the plastic icon. (I'll change it of course if you do mind it) Please feel free to use it, it's free ;)
  11. Hello, This post http://blog.plasticscm.com/2014/11/orchestrate-your-development-with.html explains how to set up exclusive checkout in a distributed server setup. Can we use this with the official plastic cloud? Can we tell our server to use the plastic cloud server as the file locking manager? Thank you for your answers
  12. Hi, I'm trying out PlasticSCM Team/Enterprise and got a 30day 5 user license on the server. When I imported a repo from github, all my seats were taken up by users from the github repo. Running "cm licenseinfo" yields something like this: Plastic SCM license information: * User-license information: aaa ACTIVE bbb ACTIVE ccc ACTIVE ddd ACTIVE eee ACTIVE fff ACTIVE ddd ACTIVE eee INACTIVE (Not licensed) ggg INACTIVE (Not licensed) hhh INACTIVE (Not licensed) iii INACTIVE (Not licensed) .... ... .. I've had to manually go into deactivate the users I don't care about, and activate those I do. But now I have a bunch of users in licenseinfo that I just want to get rid of wholesale to make user license management a little easier. So, how do I do that? In a more explicit example, after activating the users I care about, and deactivating those I do not, I end up with something like this: Plastic SCM license information: * User-license information: aaa ACTIVE bbb ACTIVE ccc ACTIVE ddd INACTIVE (Not licensed) eee INACTIVE (Not licensed) fff INACTIVE (Not licensed) ddd INACTIVE (Not licensed) eee INACTIVE (Not licensed) ggg INACTIVE (Not licensed) hhh INACTIVE (Not licensed) iii INACTIVE (Not licensed) .... ... .. I wish to keep users "aaa", "bbb", and "ccc", obliterate the rest, so that when I run "cm licenseinfo" I am left with: Plastic SCM license information: * User-license information: aaa ACTIVE bbb ACTIVE ccc ACTIVE --------------------------------------- Licensed to: Plastic SCM extended trial license - My Name Expiration date: 2/19/2017 4:57:15 PM Edition: enterprise Total licensed users: 5 Total activated users: 3 Total available users: 2 --------------------------------------- How do I do that? Thanks!
  13. Hi, So my team has been using a repo to push different builds for different projects and have run out of space on the drive we're using. We unfortunately just had everything on separate branches in a deployment repo. Since we don't really need the builds anymore is there an easy way to clean this up? We can't hard delete branches and I'm not sure what's going on with the blobs but that is where all the memory is taken up. Is there anything we can do about that?
  14. Hi, I'd like to know if it is possible a way to manage more than one PlasticSCM server on a Linux machine with CentOS 6.3. In my office we have several projects that would be interested in connecting to their respective PlasticSCM servers. I've read this topic: But it seems a little tough to me. Is there any other easier way, or is this the only way we currently have to manage several servers in one single machine? Thanks for your help. Regards.
  15. Correct me if I am wrong, but it appears that there is no way to get version information about the server from either the Plastic Client GUI nor the CM CommandLine. If fact it appears even accessing the web admin for the server doesn't display any version information about the server itself?!?!! I finally found this information by inspecting the executable on the server (which I luckily had access to and found to be v6.0.16.1765), but that seems a bit extreme just to get the version number. If there is no way do get this information from the client, can we please get that in as a feature request. Seems like an important piece of information when debugging issues between clients and servers.
  16. Hi As far is I know the webadmin page cannot be accessed via https / ssl yet. As I'm currently running my plasticscm on an linux server with nginx handling all incoming requests (and requires ssl for all ports) i was trying to get access the webadmin via a proxy forwarding. (internally nginx connects normally in non-ssl way the webadmin-server) Unfortunately the webadmin server does not accept this somehow (get a 404). I assume the webadmin server blocks proxy requests but it could also be that my nginx config is not properly set up. Or do i have to wait until the webadmin supports ssl-certificates? best Fabian
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