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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I would like to clarify if there is a way to view a shelve more informatively than can report the following command: cm find shelve on repository '"<repo>"' In other words I would like to find an analog of "View Shelve" feature in the GUI. Thanks in advance, Ashot
  2. dgee2

    Shelve Error/Bug

    Hi, I'm having issues with shelves on one particular repository. When I create a shelve, it is created with the same name (but different Guid) as the most recent shelve. Running a diff of either shelve seems to return the changes from both shelves. While both shelves are in place, no merges or checkins can be performed by any user. (Checkouts seem to be unaffected) Deleting the most recent of the two shelves deletes the first of the two. Deleting both shelves (including the pre-existing one) seems to bring the repository back into normal operation. Shelves can then be checked in with t
  3. Hi, Shelves control seems not to be exposed yet in the GUI of the GTK client and I was looking for a means of managing them using the CLI. I didn't find anything in the docs and the CLI help to list existing shelves. I found out that the following does the job : cm find shelve --format="{shelveid} {comment}" But I discovered the param shelveid by chance. It doesn't seem to be mentioned in the docs. Or did I miss it ? All the best Fred
  4. I'm using VS2012 and the Plastic VS plugin. Everything is working fine, but when I sent some pending changes to be shelved through the extra commit options I could not get them back again! I went into the Plastic GUI and unshelved the changes into my workspace, but I can't find a way to do it through VS. This tab seems to be missing from the plugin toolbar! Is there a way to enable/include it that I'm just missing? Thanks, Ryan
  5. While attempting to check-in pending changes, I got this error message: "Revision 15306 not found in repository 65". I cancelled the check-in, shut down and restarted plastic, then tried checking in again, same result. Prior to the check-in, I had changed 2 files that I wanted to check in, but also had created a few dozen other files that I did not want to check-in. When I checked-in, I selected ALL the files (the changes and the additions), so after the check-in, I did a subtractive merge of the last change set. Then I created a branch from the change set before the bad check-i
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