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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for managing storage on an enterprise server. I'm running Plastic SCM on Azure via an attached disk which has a maximum possible size of 32Tb. It'll be a while before we max out on this disk's storage space but I'd like a solution in place for when we get to that point. I can see 2 possible avenues as solutions... 1: set up a second overflow disk as repository storage (I can't see support for this in the GUI or manual so let me know if this is a possibility) 2: Delete or archive old repositories from the storage elsewhere (This doesn't seem ideal but perhaps there are tools to do this) This may not be an issue that has arisen before but I'm curious for someone's take on it!
  2. So I'm looking at getting my art team off of Unity Collab and onto Plastic Gluon for managing and sharing our art assets, and as part of my quick guide doc that I'm putting together, I mentioned that we should remove any folders that we're no longer working with, in order to reduce the size of our repo in the cloud and thus reduce the cost of our plastic membership. Then i realized that because you can un-delete files, that the revisions before the deletion must still be stored in the cloud, so deleting them does nothing for cloud repo size. for non-cloud edition plastic, I've seen the recommendation to use the archive command, but there doesn't seem to be an alternative for Cloud Edition. is there any way to remove files from version control in the cloud in order to reduce our cloud usage for a particular repository? Thank you!
  3. Hello, I wounder if there is any way to reduce or compact the size of Jet database, we are using PlasticSCM for 5+ years now, and it is really great, but we are facing the issue with big database size. I was trying to workaround this issue using either: archive command or distributing database files on more than one hard drive 1- Archive command I read about the 'archive' command as the documentation says it is used to reduce the size of the database, so correct me if I am wrong what is the use of 'archive' command? Here is the documentation about archiving But I could not find any help regarding 'compact' command for Jet database 2- Distributing database on multiple hard drive Is there any way to specify hard drive per repository? or maybe specify multiple hard drives then using some rules if the first drive is almost full the database will start using the secondary drive and so on I also thought about using 'hardlink' (symlink) but I am not sure if that has a side effect on integrity or performance of Jet database Related post: Thanks,
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