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Found 4 results

  1. I am attempting to sync an on-prem PlasticSCM server with a Plastic Cloud account using the sync view functionality. One of the repos gives me the following error message when I attempt the sync: An error occurred during the replication: The source branch has two heads. Merge from cs:xxxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx to br:/main to unify the heads. I know from some research (here in these forums and Stack Overflow) that this is an issue where there are two HEADs in the repo, and that I need to merge one into the other in order for this to get fixed, but I am unsure how to identify the offending changeset. Playing around with the Linux app, I believe that the `cs:xxxxxxx-...` is the GUID of the changeset I care about, but I am unsure if this is the case. Am I correct in that assumption? A second question, which is not terribly important (mostly curious), is what `cm` command(s) would be able to help me identify the second HEAD?
  2. Hi, I am looking at breaking up an existing project in to a couple of repositories so that we can make use of xlinks to share code between the original project repo and a repo for a new project. Whilst looking in to this I came across some issues that I have not been able to resolve and was hoping someone could provide some help. Our team has a mix of people creating their repos in a centralised way with @cactus@cloud and others that set up a local repository and use a sync view to push/pull to the repo in the cloud. For the new setup I have broken up functionality in to a couple of new repositories, "Tech" and "Tools" which contains common cross-project functionality. In the original project repository (in my local repository) I created an xlink to the new Tech repository as follows: cm xlink -w Source/Tech / cs:1@Tech@cactus@cloud I have committed and pushed those changes to the cloud repo. I have a second workspace for this project that is setup to track the cloud repo directly. In that workspace I am able to update the workspace as normal and i can see that the Source/Tech folder is populated with the contents as in changeset 1 of the new repo as expected. However in my other workspace which is set up as a local repo tracking the cloud repo that Source/Tech folder is empty. According to your documentation here you should update the workspace by clocking "update woekspace" in the GUI but as far as I'm aware this button is not available when creating local repos and updating via a sync view. I came across another forum post here which seems to be discussing something similar but in their case their xlink appears to be to a local repo whereas I want to set up my xlink to the cloud repo. Do I still need to adjust my sync view or create a new sync view to get this working? What is the process for syncing with an xlink at a cloud repo on a workspace for a local repository or is this not supported? Thanks Tom
  3. I created my repository a few hours ago and I'm trying to sync it from local to cloud for the first time (I'm using distributed version control). When I first tried to push the outgoing changes, the Sync failed because I had to first pull the incoming changes. So I successfully did that, and then I tried pushing again. This time, however, the branch replication failed because "The source branch has two heads", and I should "Merge from cs:af2f3159... [name continues] to br:/main to unify the heads". The problem is that I can't seem to find this "cs:af2f3159" etc. head anywhere to merge it with br:/main. I already tried to merge changesets both from the Changesets screen and from the Branch Explorer, but I'm always told that "The merge search has finished; merge destination already contains source changes", with no conflicts to solve or changes to apply. This is how my my Branch Explorer looks like: Any help would be appreciated.
  4. We have 2 Plastic Enterprise servers in Bangalore and London. Both servers act as Master. Currently using triggers to replicate the Repositories between 2 servers. Issue here is the replication starts only on trigger. Is there any better way to auto sync all the repositories between 2 servers at server level instead of repository level? Will deploying Cloud extension on these servers help to achieve auto syncing of all Repos on daily basis? Thanks
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