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Found 10 results

  1. Are proper cloud triggers still not supported? I want to set up adding attributes to branches on creation per this article https://blog.plasticscm.com/2019/06/archive-branches-in-plastic-scm.html
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there was anyway to install a server side trigger with Plastic Cloud. We have implemented checkin notification emails, but it is kind of worthless unless we can install the trigger on the server. Since we do not have SSH access to the cloud server how do you go about getting a trigger installed? Thanks.
  3. Hi all! We are using after-checkin triggers to deploy builds via Jenkins when changes are made in certain branches. We have this working for a child branch of /main, but now we want to implement it for the /main branch itself. The issue is, when using br:/main as a filter, the trigger will fire for every child branch of /main when we only want it for changes in /main branch. Is there a way to let it filter for an exact branch name match rather than filtering for if the branch name contains the filter? Cheers!
  4. Hello! We have a server to serve connection and current we push any changesets we have from one server to another for replication. But we have a problem where if a chageset is pushed and then deleted in original server, any other pushes to that branch would error out because that would crate a conflict. Is there any way to push a deletion action between servers? I was looking in this guide but didn't find any info. Thank you
  5. Hello, I am trying to create a branch trigger, that before a merge it checks the branch vs our blacklisted branch list and doesn't allow it if the branch is not supposed to be merged to/from. It works locally though a script path, but I was wondering if it is possible to create a URI trough our local network server computer, run that script on the network comp and then return the value.
  6. Hi, I've been trying to install a before-clientcheckin trigger and successfully did so until I added a couple of lines to my .bat file. Since I've added a msbuild.exe command to the script the cm ci command is just hanging forever. So is the GUI if I try to checkin from there. The .bat file is running fine from cmd.exe. I also tried to read the log after setting the .conf file and it seems to get stuck on a cryptic: 2016-12-05 13:56:39,639 DEBUG Channel - Purging connection to plastic://pickledwarf-pc:8087/BranchHandler 2016-12-05 13:56:39,639 DEBUG Channel - Purging connection to plastic://pickledwarf-pc:8087/RepositoryHandler 2016-12-05 13:56:39,639 DEBUG Channel - Purging connection to plastic://pickledwarf-pc:8087/TriggerHandler Anyone knows what this is about ?
  7. I spend the last week's to build this simple dotnet Core app: https://github.com/KhaosCoders/plastic-notify-center It acts as notification hub where triggers from Plastic SCM get translated into notifications for users who registered for them. Currently it only sends emails via SMTP, but it is prepared to support more channels. There sure is room for improvement, too. Feel free to suggest or implement new features. I hope the guys from Codice Software don't mind that the icon is similar to the plastic icon. (I'll change it of course if you do mind it) Please feel free to use it, it's free ;)
  8. Hi folks, we want to establish before-checkin trigger that check file contents (in this case, some file types must have linux line endings). As far as I understand the triggers guide we must use client side triggers because the server side trigger is not able to access the file contents (there is no changeset yet in before-checkin). Is this correct? Best regards Jan
  9. Is it possible to allow local triggers for users, but permit adding server side triggers?
  10. Hello ! I want to create a trigger that work with path I include spaces. How do I do that ? Assuming I have a path like this : workspacesFolder/to my script/helloworld.bat Creating a trigger for that script will not work at all because of the spaces I tried also using the environment variable @WK_SPACES but It seems to be not working as well The command I used : cm maketrigger after-setselector "output somessss text to file" "C:/Triggers Test/dummy.bat" --filter="/main/DwarfNet/card_shuffle_server_bat" --server=alwayson:8087 I don't have any problems creating trigger with non-blank path. PLASTIC VERSION USED : Thanks, Raphael
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