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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there! I'm just having a minor, recurring issue with my Unity scenes and Plastic. The ProjectSettings\ProjectSettings.asset file is always being marked as Changed, and appears with a black tick next to it in Gluon, whenever I open and close a Unity project. Then when I diff the workspace contents, I get told the Files are identical (even with the Comparison Method as Recognize all), so I am constantly Undo'ing this file to avoid needless commits. Any suggestions on something I may have incorrectly set? Cheers
  2. Guest

    File name changed not detected

    Hi, I am working with PlasticSCM and Unity. I have found an issue when renaming a Prefab. I changed the name of the prefab from "Prefab_Test" to "prefab_test". Plastic SCM detects it has a change but it doesn't show the new name in the pending changes window, it still shows "Prefab_Test" instead of "prefab_test". Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I have a rather frustrating error to do with the Unity plugin which is stopping me from being able to use the built in support. I have a 3 user Team licence set up on a remote server which I have an open connection with in the Plastic SCM client (everything is fully functional in the client) but every time I click connect in the editor I receive two errors which I have attached. Been up all night trying to fix this - would appreciate some help! https://gyazo.com/992e19f02cca3f27727766e475c6b7dd
  4. Recently installed on OS X w/ PostgreSQL backend. I'm new to PlasticSCM but have been using git for some time. I started a new Unity project, but mistakenly didn't configure the 'Library' directory to be ignored. So it, and all its contents, got checked in to the repo. Now, knowing that you're not supposed to do that, I'm trying to exclude it. In git, I would simply update the .gitignore file and it would all go away. I've tried making an ignore.conf in the project's root but nothing seems to happen. I'm assuming that you can ignore/exclude files once they've been added to a project. It can't be a one-way street. Help is appreciated. Also, I've noticed that I can't lock files exclusively either? Can this not be done through the GUI?
  5. Has anyone tried to use Unity's YAML merge tool with older Unity projects? 4.72 specifically. I don't see it in the Unity folder in Unity 4.72, but I could direct it to the Unity 2017 folder.
  6. Hi everyone!I'm working on contract in a small team (4 persons includind the CEO), 2 of which should collaborate on the same project.By contract, I asked to have access to a Unity Asset Server.The CEO, which has no knowledge about Unity, somehow forced us to use PlasticSCM since he or someone from his companies probably insisted on using it because had some experience, but not with Unity.He also said that "Using a legacy old tool has no sense when we can use better alternatives".Well, I have no experience in repositories, project management and so on, while them have no experience with using PlasticSCM in Unity. And no experience with Unity at all actually.Now, trying to begin start using PlasticSCM, but since the deadlines aren't too far (February), I don't want to end up with messing my project and my work because I took the wrong decisions.PlasticSCM seems to be built on the Branch per Task approach. This means that even if 2 persons do have actually access to the project, I should be branching for each task, and HOPING the merge will work.I think this is a huge overhead. The other person is the main "artist" of the team, so he's the game designer, art director, level designer, etc.. so he should basically only access the scenes and build them with the prefabs and tools I will be developing. Also, he's probably going to use Glueon. So, I, the only programmer, should continuously be branching back and forward from the main branch, and let the artist work on the main branch exclusively. Shouldn't we use a single branch? This seems to overcomplicate things for 2 persons onlyWe're both using Unity v5.4.2f2 with Personal Edition, even if we could transition to Plus soon.I don't think we're going to update to Unity 5.5 in the middle of the project because I'm relying on several third party assets which could, or could not, be updated in a timely manner, hopefully bug-free. And the first release of 5.5 could be a little buggy as well.I'm not going to use the Unity Collaborate Beta, since I don't think is reliable enough to be sure it won't be messing up the project.Now, after I watched several Webinars about PlasticSCM+Unity, I don't even know how to fill this form: The Unity project already exists and already contains a prototype, in a certain folder on my disk.Should I fill in the same folder here? The server is not local but remote. Will I be able to move the folder of the rep elsewhere if it gets so huge to fill my disk? Are the folder rep and my Unity Project folder the same thing? Do I have to worry about PlasticSCM to be deleting or dirtying up the Unity folder structure with extra data?How should I name the repository according the best practices?What is the workspace? How should I name it, always according to best practices?I'm not comfortable with all this, and probably will be having a talk with the CEO, but, who knows, maybe I'll get used to it?Is the experimental merge tool from PlasticSCM still working on scenes and prefabs? The last webinar in the youtube channel is from 2015 and lots of Unity stuff has changed. Does PlasticSCM now handle scenes and prefabs in binary format in a reliable way? Are merges problematic? I can't find a way to switch to text/XML format for saving scenes and prefabs as suggested in the webinars. If I can't merge scenes or prefabs, I can't branch. What if I later decide that PlasticSCM is just too much for our team? Will it be leaving the folder of our unity project with leftovers?What are your experiences? Could you please share your thoughts? Do you have any very noobish or step by step video/tutorial to share?Any help and answer is appreciated.Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi I am having problems with updating the workspace for the first time. Submit all the files to repository from one client machine. Another client machine update the file first time to work in their computer The problem is that first time updating the workspace from another computer makes all the files checkout automatically and had to submit all the files again and other clients needs to update the workspace again. Is that behaviors correct. In my opinoin, it shouldn't auto-checkout when the workspace is updating for the first time. Is there anyway to retrieve the files from repository from Unity without touching plastic scm software?
  8. in Unity, when i open a project i keep getting PlasticSCM : pluginConfig: Repository name not specified! PlasticSCM : pluginConfig: Workspace name not specified! Everything seems to work ok, i can commit etc withn the Unity editor. I've tried switching mode to something else then back to PlasticSCM to no effect. What is this?
  9. Hi, Everything was configured and worked fine until last evening. I've a network at office with 3 Gluon user and one regular user of one plasticSCM server, with our unity project. Last evening one of the gluon user had crashed during lightmapping, and when he rebooted, the unity GUI started to tell that the workspace CAN'T use gluon. PlasticSCM literraly crfash each time we try to connect ( nice windows 8.1 message box : PlasticSCM stopped working !) What I tried : -several reboot -switching gluon off and on -switching plasticSCM to visible meta data and back to plastic -Reinstalling plasticSCM Each time, hitting connect button result in PlasticSCM stopped working. All other user keep working fine.
  10. Hello, We have recently upgraded to Unity 5.2 and in doing so have now noticed that the Plastic plugin process seems to eat enough CPU resources that it makes it difficult to work in Unity effectively. It causes significant lag when clicking within the Unity IDE and the only way to resolve it is to kill the PlasticSCMUnityPlugin process. Is this a known issue? Thanks much!
  11. Sorry for the non-descriptive topic, but I had a series of questions I wanted to ask and wasn't sure if I should post them all in separate threads, or gather them all up in a single one. We're currently evaluating using Plastic SCM as our new version control system for our game development projects. We're positive on the big whole, but are wondering about some details here and there, mostly in regard to the Unity plugin. 1. We notice that when you, in the Project view, choose to create a new item, it is automatically marked as add to source control, which is to be expected. However, say you change your mind, and choose to revert the change in the Version Control view in Unity. It's removed from source control, but the file remains in the project as a local file. I assume this is intentional? 2. I noticed that the icons on files in the project view doesn't seem to update completely. Sub-folders and files update seem to update after a version control operation, but top folders still have the add/check-out icon even though they're not in that state anymore. Is this a known issue, or have I just missed how to properly update the view? 3. One annoyance we're experiencing, mostly due to being used to Asset Server, is that you can't edit assets in the inspector without explicitly checking them out first. It's not a huge bother once we get used to it, by just e.g. checking the "Materials" folder out, doing the changes, reverting unchanged and then checking in the changes. Luckily the operations are quick. I'm just not a fan of the editor telling me what I can and can not do. Is there any setting or mode available where the files aren't locked in Unity, but changes are detected as soon as you make changes? 4. I had an big issue with a move operation. I added an package, which created a folder in the root of the Asset folder along with it's entire tree, and checked it into source control. Later, I wanted to move the fodler into a separate folder, where I place all my 3rd party tools. Apparently the Unity plugin for Plastic didn't like this very much. It wanted to make an add of the new folder, and remove the old one. Cheking in the add worked, but it couldn't check in the removal operation apparently. This caused issues on the other end, of course, since when someone else updated the project they got a copy of the same files in another place, and messed up the IDs. I have solved the issue without much trouble, but it's still a hassle that moving operations are so fickle. It was one of the things I wanted to avoid by not choosing e.g. p4. Is this somethnig I just have to deal with, or did I just do it wrong? Side-note: I saw another thread about it but figured I might as well ask here as well. One thing I'm excited about is to building my structure using XLinks. However, only being able to target an entire changeset, and not just a selection of sub-folders, I consider a great limitation. I have a separate project with a collection of project independent tools and frameworks. Different projects needs different tools, so it'd be cool to being able to target only selected parts. For now, I've split them up into branches, but it feels hacky and I know it's gonna bite me in the ass when I start to update them. I figure I can also place them in separate repositories, but I'd prefer to being able to gather them all in one place. Thanks Johan
  12. Hello, We have licenses for 4 users of the "Enterprise" edition of unity, I have installed the license file in the server, which is reflecting the correct level of "Enterprise Edition" Plastic Client Version:, Plastic Server Version: When attempting to connect to the server from Unity (5.1.1f1, on Mac OS X 10.10.8) we are getting the following error "Version Control: PlasticSCM: The Unity3D plugin is unlicensed in your Plastic SCM server" and "Cannot load PlasticSCM overlays when plugin is not running" I have seen some posts regarding this error and the community edition, which attribute this error to the licensing issue of community not being able to use the Unity plugin. This is not the case. Any ideas? EDIT: In the webinar for PlasticSCM + unity, when the speaker selects "PlasticSCM" in the Editor window, there are options for "Workspace" and "Repository", we do not see those options, are we missing something? Results of the cm li command: We are seeing this icon next to the unityplugin application in the macplastic app We've tried rebooting the MAC, and we have our security settings allowing applications from third parties, but this icon with the white circle and slash is still appearing next to the application. When we run the application directly from the command line, we get the same errors we are getting above. We are seeing these requests on the server 2015-08-24 19:50:16,528 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM at <removed> Operations - Retrieving server license data 2015-08-24 19:50:16,528 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM at INFO ChannelCall - recb: 617|rect: 0|sentb: 509|sendt: 0|prt: 0|th: 32|dest: 0|mt: 0|sert: 0|zip: 0| <ip address>|GetLicenseData 2015-08-24 19:50:16,622 (null) NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM at (null) INFO Channel - Connection 47 from <ip address> closed
  13. TomND

    Getting error in Unity

    Hello, i am currently in the process of getting plastic SCM to work with my unity project, and i've run into a problem. I've been following the youtube video posted by plastic SCM, and managed to get everything working, and even got the project settings submitted to the server. The issue that i am having is, although i can submit the project setting, trying to sync any other file seems to give me the following error in unity: PlasticSCM : Type 'System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeErrorCollection' in Assembly 'System.Data.SqlServerCe, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91' is not marked as serializable.: THOMAS-PC:8087 Any ideas how to fix this? Note that im fairly new to using this sort of system. Thanks, Thomas
  14. indexPlastic

    Plastic Licensing Question

    Hello, My group and I are just starting to use PlasticSCM to manage our numerous unity projects. My question is, if we have purchased the required number of Enterprise Licenses for the number of users we wish to have, do we also need to purchase the license from the Unity store? Thanks!
  15. Hi, we're just getting started with Plastic; one of the big bullet points is how nicely integrated Plastic is with Unity, but I can't find any instructions for setting it up in Monodevelop. Is it unsupported? If not, how do you set it up? It does seem to work fine with Unity itself, although it doesn't seem to notice when I change source files. I did see a blog post from I think 2012 where Monodevelop support was mentioned as being worked on, that's all I can find.