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Found 13 results

  1. We are excited to announce PlasticSCM Triggers are now available to be configured for Slack, Discord, and Webhooks!!! This allows you to easily configure notifications for your teams. Highlights: • Triggers can now be configured for your projects by navigating to Plastic cloud dashboard https://www.plasticscm.com/dashboard/. • Admins of the organizations can now find a new option in the Configure dropdown called “Triggers”. • You have the ability to choose between the Basic view and Advanced view. triggers.mp4 • Basic view would help you to create notifications for all the repositories in the organization. • The trigger creation and editing can also be done in bulk, you can create notifications for several actions at once. 🙌 • You can use the Advanced view, where the you will be able to see every trigger created from the console. Examples of Slack and Discord notifications (also supports plastic links) Feel free to reach us with any feedback in this thread.
  2. On behalf of the Plastic SCM team, We are extremely delighted to announce the launch of Dynamic Workspace Alpha! Checkout our announcement blog post. Here are a few short videos to get you started: Short demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QBOZjk_vjg How to configure it and enable it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YicarumSFdg Feature, interact with the filesystem : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEwIb4fBLrU Feature, interact with the filesystem (Part II): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb5GUuyuQrg Why does it matter? Your local cache will now get populated based on the tools your team members used. This helps during the very first update when your cache is empty. Instead of downloading everything, or downloading files one by one, it can boost downloads based on “which files are typically accessed together with this one”. Feel free to provide feedback in the comments! We are actively working on adding more features and improvements and we really value your feedback. Thank you.
  3. Plastic SCM for Unity (Beta) v.1.4.1 is out now on the Asset Store for the current Tech Stream, 2019.4LTS and 2020.3 LTS!Here are the key features you will find in this new release.Improved onboardingYou will now be prompted to walk through a very simple onboarding process when creating a repository for your Unity project. This onboarding process will help you get Plastic SCM installed, set up your account and configure your repository for your Unity project. When you finish the onboarding process, you will be ready to sync your project using a Plastic SCM Cloud Edition repository. An automatic first checkin will be made for you to set up the project and add a standard ignore file for Unity projects.View your file history and revert filesThe history view gives you the ability to restore an older version of a file, and provides relevant information about any changes made.Contextual menus in the project viewThe plugin now gives you access to quick actions through contextual menus in the project view. If you prefer a centralized view of everything, you can use the dedicated Plastic SCM window.Plastic SCM for Unity now supports Unity SSO!Sign in using your Unity credentials!Here are other improvements included in the release: Plastic SCM for Unity is now compatible with the Visual Scripting package. We added icons in the project view. We added information and actions in the inspectors. We are actively developing the future of Plastic SCM for Unity and want to hear from you! Feel free to share your feedback with us in this thread!
  4. Greetings. We've moved to plastic SCM for our unity project version control recently, but I haven't used it extensively yet. Today after opening my workspace, there were some incoming changes from my teammate. After pulling/downloading the changes, lots of standard unity packages (like unity UI, that is installed by default) were removed from my local copy of the project. My teammate did not delete any of the packages, and his changeset did not seem to have them deleted (though I have not looked carefully yet) I also don't even know how could one delete those packages? Right now I would like to revert this incoming changeset, is there a way to do that? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone! On behalf of the Plastic SCM WebUI team, I’m extremely delighted to announce that WebUI 2.0 Alpha has successfully launched! This milestone brings us one step closer to transforming Plastic SCM and Unity. With all the new feature updates, new design systems and catered workflows - we aim for our users to collaborate seamlessly any time, anywhere, and on any device. To access WebUI simply navigate to a web browser and type https://www.plasticscm.com/orgs/<your-org-name> (replace your-org-name with your Plastic organization) Note: Encrypted organizations are currently not supported. If you have an encrypted organization, you will not be able to access WebUI as the team is actively working on a solution. This will be available in the next milestone release. Feature Set: REPO LIST FILE EXPLORER CODE REVIEW CHANGESET ANNOTATE/BLAME To read more about this release, see this blog post. Feel free to provide feedback on the WebUI in the comments! We are actively working on adding more features and improvements and we really value your feedback. Thank you.
  6. Hey there! I have encountered a weird problem after updating some of my own assets and bringing them into the project. Basically I have added some assembly definitions so the solution file for my project got updated, but no matter what I do - plastic won't let me commit it, which is very frustrating. I use only the main Plastic SCM client (with no unity plugin or the built-in Plastic SCM integration). I attached the screenshot of the error. As the message suggests - I tried undoing things, then relaunching unity and checking-in again - but it creates the same error. I also tried removing all the new assembly references that were added to the file but that also throws an error. So far I am completely unable to check-in the file which is extremely frustrating. I really wish I could also understand what does "not being in sync with the changeset" means, considering I completely undid the changes, made sure everything is updated and tried to commit it again.
  7. Hi everyone! We're excited to announce that we are actively working on the new Plastic SCM Plugin for Unity (beta), which is now available on the asset store. This plugin allows you to invoke Plastic SCM commands from inside Unity with a workflow tailored to Plastic SCM users. The current version available of the asset store (version 1.1) allows user to: Checkin or undo pending changes. Be notified of incoming changes and update your workspace. Set up the plugin to work with the workflow that fits your needs (Gluon or Developer Mode). You can also invoke some of the Plastic windows from the editor, such as the branch explorer. We are currently working on implementing history features (changesets view and file history view) and will release a new version in the upcoming weeks. Feel free to provide feedback on the plugin in the comments! We are actively working on adding more features and improvements and we really value your feedback as we work on providing a deeper integration of Plastic SCM in Unity! Thanks!
  8. Hi! Unity is looking for participants for a Usability Test study in the area of version control. This study would require meeting a researcher for 1 hour some day between Feb 23rd and March 12, 2021. We can provide you with an item from our Unity Swag shop as a token of appreciation after completing our session. If you work with Unity using a version control solution and would like to participate, please click through this short survey to sign up. Thank you!
  9. Hey everyone! Now that Plastic SCM is part of Unity, we are doing discovery around how to best enable team collaboration using Plastic SCM and Unity and how to provide a deeper integration between both products. We are starting this journey by doing a higher-level survey to learn more about how you work as a team today. Please share your experiences with us, so we can better support teams of creators in the future. https://unitysoftware.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_b2EdQUfjwJWUImN?source=forums Feel free to also drop in the comments any feedback on things you wish we would add or improve on to make your life better when working with Plastic SCM and Unity together. Thanks!
  10. Hi there, So I downloaded Plastic to work with Unity and i really like it, but we're having some problems with cloud sync. 1. There's no way to check on the cloud what's actually up there. Example: I've pushed 4 change sets, but he only sees 3. There's no way to go to the cloud and verify that my push was successful, i have to use the plastic software, which simply says "up to date" 2. Very often the upload simply gets stuck. The progress bar will be stuck at any range of numbers from 0%-99% and never move again, regardless of how much time goes by. There's no other way to see whats going on 3. Very often checking the sync to cloud tab, and opening the remote host, it simply says "Loading..." and never refreshes, and i am unable to do anything at that point because i obviously cannot update until its done loading, but it never finishes. What if anything can i do about all this?
  11. hi there, okay, so I get how version control works, But the team and I have been running into some oddities when it comes to working on the same asset on the same branch. Basically the question is this: Let's say i'm working on an animation asset (something with curves) or player settings. To change them, i need to 'check out' the asset. But that never stops my co-workers, who are all working remotely, from editing the same file simultaneously. The end result is when we come back to the cloud to sync, we've screwed up and have made incompatible changes that can't be merged. Is that how it goes for people using the cloud version of your software? Or are we doing something wrong?
  12. We've started using exclusive checkouts in our Unity project, where we lock things such as materials, scenes, prefabs. However, we've noticed that there are instances where files are not saved to disc properly, and therefore not getting checked in properly. This seems to happen when you have a scene open, that is locked by someone else, edit your assets, and save. Since the scene you're currently in fails to check out and save, it appears as if it aborts the save process altogether, resulting in your other work not being saved as well. If you open another scene that you're allowed to edit, and press save, the changes are committed properly to the file and you can submit your changes. It does NOT seem to happen when you check in using the Version Control window inside Unity, so I guess that it does some explicit saving when checking in. I think it only happens if you check in using the Plastic GUI, since it does not know of the changes stored in Unity, but not yet saved to disc. Reproduction: 1. Open a scene, exclusively checked out by someone else. 2. Check out some other objects, e.g. materials, and make changes. 3. Try to save, you will get an error in the console saving, for example and 4. Check in your changed assets from the Plastic SCM GUI 5. Check the Branch Explorer, you'll see the files are not committed. Alternatively, update another workspace and check if the changes are there. Note: Again, it seems to work when checking in through the Unity Version Control window, but not the Plastic GUI. I think I understand the reason why it happens, but not sure who I'm supposed to go to with this: Codice or Unity? Or does the community have some clever way around this?
  13. Hey all, I'm working on a local plastic server where we all have a team edition of Plastic running. I have the unity plugin installed and working fine. Another person on my team, however, is getting the "plugin is unlicensed in plastic scm server error." He is working remotely but he is able to push through the plastic gui so we know that he does have a working connection. We have unity pro licenses for everyone and have had multiple people working with the plugin before. Is there something different that could be causing issues with verifying the license for the unity plugin if he's working remotely and connected through ssl? He is getting the "hostname mismatch in secure connection" warning when opening plastic but that doesn't stop him from connecting. Any help is much appreciated. Adrian
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