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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everyone! We're excited to announce that we are actively working on the new Plastic SCM Plugin for Unity (beta), which is now available on the asset store. This plugin allows you to invoke Plastic SCM commands from inside Unity with a workflow tailored to Plastic SCM users. The current version available of the asset store (version 1.1) allows user to: Checkin or undo pending changes. Be notified of incoming changes and update your workspace. Set up the plugin to work with the workflow that fits your needs (Gluon or Developer Mode). You can also invoke some of the
  2. Hi! Unity is looking for participants for a Usability Test study in the area of version control. This study would require meeting a researcher for 1 hour some day between Feb 23rd and March 12, 2021. We can provide you with an item from our Unity Swag shop as a token of appreciation after completing our session. If you work with Unity using a version control solution and would like to participate, please click through this short survey to sign up. Thank you!
  3. Hey everyone! Now that Plastic SCM is part of Unity, we are doing discovery around how to best enable team collaboration using Plastic SCM and Unity and how to provide a deeper integration between both products. We are starting this journey by doing a higher-level survey to learn more about how you work as a team today. Please share your experiences with us, so we can better support teams of creators in the future. https://unitysoftware.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_b2EdQUfjwJWUImN?source=forums Feel free to also drop in the comments any feedback on things you wish we would add
  4. Hi there, So I downloaded Plastic to work with Unity and i really like it, but we're having some problems with cloud sync. 1. There's no way to check on the cloud what's actually up there. Example: I've pushed 4 change sets, but he only sees 3. There's no way to go to the cloud and verify that my push was successful, i have to use the plastic software, which simply says "up to date" 2. Very often the upload simply gets stuck. The progress bar will be stuck at any range of numbers from 0%-99% and never move again, regardless of how much time goes by. There's no other way to s
  5. hi there, okay, so I get how version control works, But the team and I have been running into some oddities when it comes to working on the same asset on the same branch. Basically the question is this: Let's say i'm working on an animation asset (something with curves) or player settings. To change them, i need to 'check out' the asset. But that never stops my co-workers, who are all working remotely, from editing the same file simultaneously. The end result is when we come back to the cloud to sync, we've screwed up and have made incompatible changes that can't be merged. Is
  6. We've started using exclusive checkouts in our Unity project, where we lock things such as materials, scenes, prefabs. However, we've noticed that there are instances where files are not saved to disc properly, and therefore not getting checked in properly. This seems to happen when you have a scene open, that is locked by someone else, edit your assets, and save. Since the scene you're currently in fails to check out and save, it appears as if it aborts the save process altogether, resulting in your other work not being saved as well. If you open another scene that you're allowed to edit
  7. Hey all, I'm working on a local plastic server where we all have a team edition of Plastic running. I have the unity plugin installed and working fine. Another person on my team, however, is getting the "plugin is unlicensed in plastic scm server error." He is working remotely but he is able to push through the plastic gui so we know that he does have a working connection. We have unity pro licenses for everyone and have had multiple people working with the plugin before. Is there something different that could be causing issues with verifying the license for the unity plugin if he's
  8. Unity Version: 5.3.4 Plastic Version: OS: Windows 10 I'm currently unable to access Plastic in the Unity editor even though we have a paid license. We can manage our repositories and workspaces through the Plastic GUI on Mac and Windows without issues, but all machines see the same error and warning in Unity. The error: "PlasticSCM not installed. Please visit http://www.plasticscm.com to download PlasticSCM or contact support team at: support@codicesoftware.com" The warning: "Cannot load PlasticSCM overlays when plugin is not running" I see the same iss
  9. Our team has been using plastic for a while now, and as we begin to work on multiple projects, our common code shared between projects begins to fracture. To avoid this, we are experimenting with Xlinks. Setting up the actual Xlinks to be used in each project is simple enough, but the real trouble comes from the meta files generated by Unity once the linked files are brought in. We don't want these meta files to transfer between projects, nor can we just tell Plastic to ignore meta files on each project. I've tried telling the repo for our shared code to ignore .meta files, but the files
  10. Hi all A question to Unity users out there, that can hopefully help me with an issue we're having. When using Plastic SCM with Unity, most assets are non-editable until they've been checked out, either explicitly by you or automatically by Unity (say, when you save a scene for instance). As long as Unity checks stuff out, all is well. Occasionally, we run into the issue where files don't seem to get checked out as they should. The result being that when we try to check in a e.g. a scene or material, we can't due to the "The parent revision of the item <filename> is incon
  11. Sorry for the non-descriptive topic, but I had a series of questions I wanted to ask and wasn't sure if I should post them all in separate threads, or gather them all up in a single one. We're currently evaluating using Plastic SCM as our new version control system for our game development projects. We're positive on the big whole, but are wondering about some details here and there, mostly in regard to the Unity plugin. 1. We notice that when you, in the Project view, choose to create a new item, it is automatically marked as add to source control, which is to be expected. However, sa
  12. When I download, submit, it occurs.Then I can't connect to server.Not ever which log level I choose,Unity show the same infomation. Let me translate "PlasticSCM:未将对象引用设置到对象的实例" to English, it seem like NullReferenceException : Object reference not set an instance of an object. That's why?.....It's too annoyed!~~~~
  13. Hello everyone, I've been having trouble with the Plastic SCM and Unity integration. I've downloaded the new Plastic SCM v 5 to get the Unity plugin. I've changed Unity to use PlasticSCM and I get 3 errors: Error waiting for read external process: The pipe has been ended. Version Control: PlasticSCM: The Unity3D plugin is unlicensed in your Plastic SCM server Cannot load PlasticSCM overlays when plugin is not running. So, I think these errors are popping up because I haven't configured my Plastic client yet so here's my question. I'm using bitbucket but the client setup doesn't h
  14. I'm running into some strange behavior when trying to execute certain commands from the Plastic GUI. It seems that some commands try to access the repository/server defined by the workspace selector, while others try to use another server address and fail. The addresses I'm seeing are as follows (basically): repo.server.public (public address of repository server, and what is used by my workspace selector) repo-server.local (local address of the repository server on its LAN, may have been used by some workspace on my machine at some point) What I'm seeing (using WireShark
  15. Hi, I'm evaluating Plastic SCM with the new Unity 3D plugin. It's fairly important that I'm able to set up a shared library folder in my project so I'm able to share some assets across a number of different projects. Looking through the documentation it looks ilke xlinks are the best way to do this. However, it looks like they're limited to working on the root folder of the workspace only. Due to Unity's folder structure (ProjectName\Assets\YourFoldersHere) it seems like I can't use xlinks since the folder I need to share would be (ProjectName\Assets\SharedFolder). Is there some wo
  16. Any time I try to use the branch explorer from the Unity3D plugin on a Mac, the window opens but then freezes. Usually I cannot do anything with it at all (including closing it or dragging it on the screen by the title bar). Sometimes I will be able to start moving the scroll bar up or down, but then all input will stop. My only option when this happens seems to be killing XQuartz. Any ideas on why this might be happening? Or where I should be looking for any errors that might be thrown?
  17. Hi, I have a Unity3d project with about 10 000 small images in assets. Everything is committed into Plastic SCM server and synchronized with local workspace. I check out the folder with the images, select them all and change their import settings. At this point Unity is working slow but acceptable. After applying the changes Unity freezes forever. In the process list I can see that Unity is idling and plastic unity plugin process is eating one CPU core. This could last 30+ minutes and I have not seen the end, I just killed the darn thing. After the plugin process is killed Unit
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