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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, all. I am evaluating PlasticSCM for our team as a replacement for Unity Collaborate. We need the improved Git integration (on-premises Git server used by other teams unrelated to Unity; not GitHub or GitLab specifically), and we need branching. Early in this process, I created a PlasticSCM account for the free cloud version using the same email address as the one associated with my Unity ID. I did not, however, use the "sign in with Unity ID" feature (if I am recalling correctly). Because I was using Unity on my own before my company switched to it from another tool set, my Unity ID is attached to my personal email address and not (yet) my company email address. That is likely going to change soon, and the update to the Unity account is a known process. On the Unity side, we have three active team members (the other two are not yet involved with PlasticSCM, so other than noting their existence, they're not part of the questions herein). We also have our Unity "organization" account, which is an email address for our accounting department. I have access to this Unity account, because I am the team lead, but this account does not have any actual Unity "seats" assigned. To further complicate things, when I was simply evaluating PlasticSCM I set up my account for non-encrypted repositories, but if we move forward I think we'll need to use encrypted repos. (I wish it were possible to select this on a project-by-project basis, though). Finally, I still have personal projects for things like games that are not company related. The company uses Unity for engineering/simulation work, rather than games as such, but I still make game projects as a hobby. The company knows of, and approves, this off-hours work, but I don't want to clutter the company PlasticSCM repos with non-company work. To summarize, the existing set of accounts is as follows. To avoid posting real email addresses, I will just use placeholder names. In Unity account database: accounting@company -- Unity ID with no seats, set up as the organizational owner on Unity side myself@personal -- My own Unity ID with Unity Pro seat and Unity Teams Advanced seat through the company; set up in Unity as an organizational manager. Probably going to change the email on this account to myself@company but keep the actual Unity ID because of the asset store licenses attached to it artist@company -- Unity ID of a colleague, with Unity Pro seat and Unity Teams Advanced seat through the company designer@company -- Unity ID of second colleague, with Unity Pro seat and Unity Teams Advanced seat through the company In PlasticSCM account database: myself@personal -- Free cloud account, pretty sure I created this independently of the Unity ID that shares this email address (but not absolutely certain, and not sure how to find out) I would love to come to this forum and ask for advice on the best way to set up what we need, but I'm not certain in the PlasticSCM context what we should be doing. The desired roles within PlasticSCM would be something like this, I think: accounting@company -- Same role with PlasticSCM as with Unity, which is to say "owns the organizational presence but does not perform project work" artist@company, designer@company -- Both set up as contributors on the PlasticSCM team, with authentication via the Unity IDs, no management role required myself@company -- Authenticated with my Unity ID and has project administrative capabilities within PlasticSCM (i.e., can create or remove projects, grant/revoke access, etc.) but does not "own" the organizational presence myself@personal -- Authenticated with my Unity ID, but treated on the PlasticSCM side as a separate account for my spare-time game development; repository cloud storage paid for by me and not by company The evaluation account I set up in PlasticSCM a couple of months ago has a little content in its repository, but it's just a copy of a real project, for testing. I have absolutely no objection to asking for the server admin folks to nuke the entire account so I can start over -- once I know how I should be setting this up. If it would be easier, it would also be fine for me to have just one Plastic SCM account -- linked to my Unity ID -- but be able to pay for my own, independent cloud storage. In addition to the "how do I set this up" question, I'd like to know what happens on the PlasticSCM servers if the email address for a Unity account changes, if the PlasticSCM side was set up using the "login with Unity ID" method. Finally, I have a related but nontechnical question with respect to the PlasticSCM EULA. The main reason I had to set all of this up on my personal account and not the company's account, is that when I signed up the Terms and Conditions explicitly stated that Codice would have the right to identify the company as a customer and display our logo in promotional context -- and that I was representing myself as having the right to agree to that usage on behalf of the company. I did not, and do not, have such authority (I'm a technical lead, not a company officer), and when I showed the EULA to our CEO, she nixed the idea exactly as I expected she would. Unity Technologies just a week or so ago announced that PlasticSCM is now covered under the Unity privacy policies, which are more protective of us as a customer and to which our CEO already agreed. I can no longer find online the EULA to which I could agree as a private individual but not on behalf of the company. Is that EULA now a thing of the past, allowing our company to confidently move forward? I apologize for the length of this post and the detailed background information. I am very impressed with what I've seen of PlasticSCM so far, and I think it will be a fantastic solution for us if we can resolve these one-off administrative/logistical questions. Thanks for reading, and for any information someone can provide.
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