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Found 2 results

  1. I currently need to isolate an issue and to do that, I need to move back and forth in history, i.e. I need to go to specific changesets. Obviously, this can be done via the branch explorer by right-clicking a changeset and using "Switch workspace to this changeset". The problem with this is that it only works when there are no pending changes. So I basically need to shelve relevant changes (of which I have a few), undo all changes, then switch to the desired changeset, then run some processing to get back to a state where I can actually create a build (that's project specific, obviously - but that's how this project is set up). Plastic has this nice feature to "Update workspace" to head. Is there a way to only advance a specific number of changesets with this? That would at least let me go forward in time conveniently. Or, what I'd actually need: Move forward and backwards one changeset at a time on the current branch. Is that possible?
  2. I hit "Update Workspace" and the client told me that I had a few pending files - I had 4-5 little text files changed - and said I could continue with the update anyway. I clicked "Continue", and all of the sudden my Pending Changes had 1000+ files in it. Is this a bug? What's happening here?
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