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Found 6 results

  1. rodgeralley

    WebUI Code Review Issues

    When using the new WebUI, the code review doesn't have a word wrap feature, nor does it have a horizontal scroll bar. If it goes off the screen, the only way to be able to see it all is to expand the browser window across multiple monitors, or shrink the zoom significantly. Also, it appears that when our users insert comments - only the comments on the first files are remembered. Anything after gets lost. Is there anywhere in the config files that I can make a change to fix this?
  2. It appears that when using Firefox Quantum, that the login page will not successfully allow a login to the Web UI application - while Chrome, IE 11.x and Edge work fine - any thoughts on what might be blocking Quantum from allowing a login? Is there a particular plug-in or feature (ala Flash?) that needs to be enabled to function?
  3. rodgeralley

    PlasticSCM WebUI

    So, I installed the WebUI Package onto our Plastic Server (running Server 2012 R2), and I'm assuming I did most of it right. Our Plastic Server uses Active Directory Authentication, so when deploying the WebUI package, I selected "ADWorkingMode." Upon completion of the Web Deploy setup of the WebUI package, I am able to see the Plastic SCM WebUI login page. However, my credentials do not work. It keeps saying that the user name and password are incorrect. (Screenshot attached). I've tried it with my domain credentials multiple ways as well: This is what I get after 3 different version of my credentials are used back-to-back: 2017-06-15 15:56:16,541 INFO Global: Application started 2017-06-15 15:56:17,041 ERROR Authentication: Unable to validate user 'CORP\ralley': Access to the path 'plastic4' is denied. 2017-06-15 15:56:24,401 ERROR Authentication: Unable to validate user 'ralley': Access to the path 'plastic4' is denied. 2017-06-15 15:56:32,198 ERROR Authentication: Unable to validate user 'ralley@corp.disti.com': Access to the path 'plastic4' is denied. 2017-06-15 15:57:12,902 INFO Global: Application recycled Any help would be great, as I'm struggling with these authentication errors.
  4. abhiravk

    WebUI Issue

    Hi, First of all, thank you plasticscm for making WebUI. It is an excellent tool for developer/manager. The problem that I am facing is that WebUI is not able to show any content from xlink repositories I am using Chrome as a browser. Is this a known issue? Regards, Abhirav Kushwaha
  5. alextxm

    webui auth problems

    Hi all, I'm haing some problems with webui: i've assigned different permissions to the plastic server repositories but webui seems unable to correctly handle them. it seems webui "loads" permissions not the effective user logged in but for the first one who logs in. Example: permissions: repoA: user1=all user2=none repoB: user1=all user2=all repoC: user1=all user2=none Expected result: user1: sees all repositories user2: only sees repoB actual result: logging in with user1: all repositories then logging in with user2: all repositories reset the appliction pool and restart the website logging in with user2: repoB logging in with user1: repoB that's pretty weird. Is there anyone else experiencing this? The webserver is IIS8 on WindowsServer2012, plastic is the release confiured in UPWorkingMode. Thank you Alessandro
  6. Hi, I have another weird issue with webui in Plastic 4.1 (i'm using the release). I've a repository on a server configured in UP authentication; this repo comes from an older server which was configured with Active-Directory authentication, so nearly all of the changesets had been created by users not known to the current server. Both the GUI client and the command-line client correctly see all the changesets,branches,items,etc. of the repo on the current server, but the webui only shows some items (one or two); all the other changesets, branches, tags, labels,items are missing in webui. I guess because they "belong" to different users, but I could be wrong. I also tried porting the repo from a backup of the old repo to the new one via both sql-restore and via plastic sync but nothing changed on the webui side. Do you have any suggestion about this issue ? Could you please help me with it ? Thank you in advance, Alessandro