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VSS Import -repo won't connect


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*** Congratulations on creating Plastic! ***

This is my first post (as there wasn't much to search... ;)

We are mighty impressed and hope we can use it, so look forward to giving you some feedback.

At present we are trying to import from a directory backup of our VSS repo- but we get a connection error. The file-share to our backup repo works (the entire vss directory from production)- and we mapped it in explorer also. No matter what path we use, we get "The connection test was failed. Check the configuration parameters"

[ A better error might be "Plastic cannot connect to your repository. Check the configuration parameters and try again" ]

The backup is residing on a host that does not have VSS installed. Might this is the reason?

BTW: Client and Host are both win2k3 authenticating to a domain- the Client and Server wizards have been set to authenticate using the OS's AD (not LDAP). Since all our accounts are domain accounts, this should be ok. However, the VSS account is locally defined in VSS. Could this be the problem?

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts...

:) BP

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Ruben, thank you for your patient help on Thursday.

The Docs imported successfully!

We're running a trial source code import now (still using AD Auth) so will map the users to a different user at the end.

It would be great to have an option in the import which allows usernames that do not exist in the AD to be

1. edited as necessary, and

2. remapped to a list of disabled users, so that when history is viewed these User IDs are shown.

It would be very beneficial if we could add others to this list as necessary, as AD users come and go in future.

Many thanks in advance, BP

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Yes, what we're working on is the following: the internal plastic user security information (SEID) will store the data to allow users which are not there anymore on the AD to be displayed correcly. This way you won't even have to worry abot edit old names or remap them, because plastic will take care of it, "remembering" the old names even when they're gone from the AD.

What do you think about it?

Also this way we'll make authentication mode migration easier...

We had this change in mind for a long time already, but now its time to implement it. We're working on it.



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