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Plastic Server change with same DB.

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We configured our working environment into this way : We have the plastic server on a first physical server named let say "SRV01", and it is using a second physical server named "SQL01" for storing Repository and workspace Data.

for performance upgrade, we are replacing the plastic server for a third physical one, let say "SRV02".

Will the move be as simple as : installing plastic on SRV02, copying the db.conf from SRV01 to SRV02 and change the client configuration file on the dev workstation to connect to SRV02 ? Or is there some more manipulations to data & workspace to do ?

Thanks a lot for any hints :P


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Hello Nic.

First of all I recommend to backup server databases. Then, you must follow these steps:

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must clean all checkouts. None of the repositories must have a checkout.

1. Open a command line (Start --> Execute --> cmd)

2. Type the following command 'cm lregrep'.

3. Copy the list of all your repositories. You only must remember the repository name (the first column)

NOTE: Don't stop PlasticSCM server at SRV01!

4. Install PlasticSCM server at SRV02. Configure the client installed on SRV02 to work against SRV02 (or localhost, is the same)

NOTE: Don't check the start server checkbox when you finalize the installation

5. Copy db.conf file from SRV01 to SRV02 server installation dir.

6. Start PlasticSCM server at SRV02

7. Open a command line in SRV02

8. For each repository:

8.1 Type the following command: 'cm editregrep rep_name rep:rep_name@repserver:SRV02:8084 (if your installation port is 8084), where rep_name is each repository name. For example, if you have a repository called myrep you must type:

cm editregrep myrep rep:myrep@repserver:SRV02:8084

9. Change all clients configuration to work against SRV02

10. Now you can stop PlasticSCM server at SRV01

If you are experiencing any problem on this process, please write to support@codicesoftware.com or reply this post. We will be pleased to help you.

Best regards

Codice Software Team

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