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Question about archiving revisions

Olaf Kober

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I'm trying to reduce the size of our Plastic databases by archiving revisions as described in chapter 9 of the Administrator's guide or as described in "cm archive --help"... but without luck.

First, the example shown by "cm archive --help" does not work.

cm find "revs where size > 26214400" --format="{item}#{branch}#{revno}" --nototal

returns with following error

The field revno not is not valid in the specified object type

A look at "cm showfindobjects" reveals that there is no "revno" anymore for revisions.

So, what is the correct field name for the revision number?

Next, I run "cm find" without --format argument, which shows me

cm find "revs where size > 26214400" --nototal
202916   12.12.2006 17:03:26 txt Olaf Kober w:\Framework\build\Sandcastle\Data\Reflection\System.Web.xml#br:/main#2550

I took "w:\Framework\build\Sandcastle\Data\Reflection\System.Web.xml#br:/main#2550" and provided it to "cm archive" but it tells me that this is a incorrect object specifications.

cm archive w:\Framework\build\Sandcastle\Data\Reflection\System.Web.xml#br:/main#2550
Incorrect object specification w:\Framework\build\Sandcastle\Data\Reflection\System.Web.xml#br:/main#2550

Since the documentation seems to be out-of-date, vague and not very helpful, could someone please provide me with steps on how to find and archive a bunch of revisions?!

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Hi Olaf,

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Clearly the documentation is not up-to-date. We try to keep it always updated but sometimes we are overwhelmed. We will work to update it as soon as possible.

As you have seen, the revnum is not longer available. So that, neither you can use it in the --format option nor it is correct the revspec returned by the "cm find revs" command (#revnum).

Here you have the allowed rev specs and some examples.

Allowed specs:




The <versionInfo> could be:





"rev:path" -> means whatever is loaded in the path











Let me know if it helps.

Thanks in advanced.

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