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Our company is seriously considering purchasing Plastic SCM licenses for our software development team. We've had a hard time finding reviews or testimonials companies using Plastic outside of the Codice Software webpage. Could anyone post his/her experiences using Plastic, the quality of support, and overall satisfaction with the product? We did try out the evaluation and it seems to be exactly what we are looking for, but in the interest of due diligence, we would like to see some unfiltered testimonials. Links to reviews or testimonials on third-party web pages would be greatly appreciated, too.


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There are many articles and best practice documents written about or included Plastic SCM but I could not find many online reviews. I would recommend that you contact us and we can try and find a reference or two that would be willing to talk about their Plastic SCM experience with you.

You can also find more information at the CMCrossroads forums which has a lot of users.



I also work out of the US for Codice and you can contact me directly as well.

Pat Burma

phone: 303-956-6982


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