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plastic login to sql server (windows authentication)

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Trying to configure for use with a sql server backend.

When trying to start the plastic client i keep getting an error

"login failed for user xxx. The user is not assocated with a trusted sql server connection",

which the sql server docs say the user/app is trying to login with a passed username/password when sql server is configured to only accept windows authentication.

The server and client are both set for "local users".

Is there a setting in the db.conf or something else, for dealing with windows authentication when attaching to sql server?

TIA for your assistance.

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Hi Ken,

If you use "integrated authentication", then you will need to set up the

server in such a way the server process has access to the database.

Currently I think your plastic server will be running using the built-in

"server" account. You can go to services, and set up an account to run

plastic (server) under the credentials you want.

Once it is done, modify db.conf so you don't specify credentials, and

restart plastic service.

We can connect with you using GoToMeeting and help you setting it up.



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