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Office 2010 Plugin


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I am in the process of evaluating plastic and noticed during the install I had the option to install an Office 2010 plugin. I did so but I'm not sure how to access it from within office. I tried opening a word doc I manually put under source code control but I'm not seeing any special menu options or anything related to plastic. I'm also not seeing any documentation on it on the site. I'm just curious what that plugin does?

We keep word docs in our existing SCM and I was curious if Plastic might make that easier. I did notice it actually can diff word docs. Is that all the plugin is for is the diff/merging of word docs?



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Hi Bryan,

Here you have a guide for the office plugin: http://www.plasticscm.com/releases/3.0.1/manuals-html/en/officeguide.htm

This guide is for the former version of Plastic, but everything should be the same (except for the default options: fig3, they are not the same). The guide is not linked in the documentation page, but we will do it soon.



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