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Redgate's Sql Source Control Tool


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We use RedGate's SQL Source Control tool. We love it, great tool for those who haven't used it. We had to write our own integration hook file for our existing SCM (AccuRev). We are looking at moving to Plastic and I was wondering if anyone has written a file already for it. I searched the forums and found some older posts but none of them showed anyone had actually done it yet. I'm sure once we get comfortable with Plastic we can do it ourselves since we have before, but I thought I'd ask.

I'm also curious if the Plastic team has looked at doing a deeper integration. I think RedGate is a .NET shop. The command line based integration that you can use with any SCM has some limitations. The ones they fully support (currently TFS, Vault, Source Safe, Subversion I think) have additional features (migration scripts) which we don't currently have but want. I know they are working on a tighter Git and Mercurial integration but based on our eval so far I'm more interested in Plastic than either of those. I'd love to hear it was on the horizon.



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