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Know a merge conflict in advanced


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You can based on the merge type. It depends on whether it says "Changed by source contributor" or "Changed by both contributors". Second one will be a conflict.

What we don't know in advance is whether it will be an automatic or manual merge.

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I need to know if a merge conflict will occurs before I start the merge. I have seen that with the command "cm mergebranch br:/mergeToBranch" and I can see the needed merges, but, how can I know if they will cause a conflict?


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Another thing I think is worth mentioning.

You can perform a merge and nothing is initially committed to the server. The actual merging of files happens locally in your workspace and you still need to perform a Check In after you do the merge to commit the merge to the server.

What this means is that you can Uncheck Out a file which will cancel the merge. So this should make merging between branches less worrisome because you can perform a merge between two branches, do any manual or auto-merging, run your build and do some testing and if you are happy commit the changes by doing a Check In and if you are not happy cancel the merge by doing an Uncheck Out, fix what needs to be fixed and then do the branch merge again.

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