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This morning when I came in I found I was unable to start up my plastic client. Every time I do I get a dialog that tells me "User Unknown S-*" (the "*" replaces the numbers and characters in the actual ID). After that it tells me "Invalid parameters user/password in client config file." Next it asks me to login giving it a username and password.

I did upgrade to on Friday, but it had worked successfully Friday and yesterday before failing today.

When I issue the command "cm lu" I get a full list of the users, and when I issue the command "cm whoami" I get my login back. Certain command line commands work, but I suspect it's only the ones for which I don't have to connect to the repository (i.e. cm wi). When a command fails in the command line (i.e. "cm sa") I get the same "User unknown" error.

I've reconfigured both my server and client to no avail.

I attached a zip file of my configurations (server and client) and my logs from the server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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