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TFS Migration


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I am reviewing Plastic as an alternative to TFS for our internal source control. Our development process has become very linear due to having a primary development branch, which is currently creating issues. Using a non-linear development process would be a great relief to us, especially as we expand our development team, so we are looking at alternatives. Git is a primary one to review, but it is limited by the fact that security and control are weak and we are bound by Sarbanes-Oxley. Research has lead us to Plastic as being the best alternative as we get off of TFS.

However, we have 2 years of source control history in TFS, and it would be nice to have all of that history in Plastic. Simply taking the code and dumping it in Plastic would forgo all of the existing annotation/blame information, and make it more difficult to review historical versions of code. I have reviewed several ways of attempting to import the source control history into Plastic (via SVN, Git, etc), but they have all been incomplete and ineffective.

It has been intimated to me that there is a way to sync source control from TFS to Plastic, but I have not found a set of instructions or documentation on how this would be done. Can anyone shed some light on how to import this source control from TFS into Plastic?

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Hi viceroypenguin,

we are currently working in a TFS<->Plastic synchronization, but I'm afraid that only one branch is allowed, it's more like a communication bridge between systems than a migratin path.

Have you tried this:


git tfs clone <tfs server> <tfs project>

or this:

Powershell script to export from TFS to Git


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Yes it does generate a fast-import file. However, I had better luck with the file I generated pushing it into Git and then doing a fast-export from git into plastic. Don't ask me why - probably has to do with various interpretations of the spec (mine vs git vs plastic). Regardless, it worked well enough for me. The project isn't "production ready", but more of a YMMV type project, but it was enough for us.

Also, Thank you for updating the link. I don't always know how different boards do links and I wasn't paying that much attention I guess.

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