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Group Permission Setup Best Practice


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I am new to Plastic, and I am looking for the "best practice" for setting up group permissions. Specifically, whether I should remove (not deny) permissions from the "All Users" group, and Allow permissions to new groups that I create, or should I leave the "All Users" group alone, and Deny permissions to new groups.

I plan to have a relatively simple setup initially. Something like this:

  • three groups: Development, QA, and Tech Support
  • four repositories: Documentation, Source Code, Assemblies, and Install Packages.

Any suggestions, examples or insights would be greatly appreciated.

Welton v3.52

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Hello Welton,

I do recommend you the following:

1) Repository server level: Add yourself into the ACL, change the owner to yourself and finally remove "All_USERS" from the ACL.

2) Repository level: Start adding the groups and setup the permissions for each one.

Best regards,

Manuel Lucio Dallo.

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