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Import Starteam project ?


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Hi Roland,

We have direct importers for SVN, CVS and VSS, but certainly it can be done, specially considering StarmTeam uses SQL Server as a backend.

We can do it on demand for your company if you're interested.

But, there's always another option: export to SVN and then import from SVN to Plastic.

Check http://stackoverflow.com/questions/220527/strategy-to-migrate-from-starteam-5-to-subversion for details about the Starteam-SVN migration.

And here: http://www.polarion.com/products/svn/svn_importer_features.php#ST.

Please let me know if it helps

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Thanks for the quick answer. I just investigate our option. We have upgraded to the latest Starteam solution but we are not so pleased with it.

- GUI not so modern, unintuitive.

- Latest client build in Java, a bit slower than old Win32 client.

- Latest client also introduced some bugs.

- Development seems not be so active from Borland.

- Expensive!

But a conversion seems to be a big risky project.

- Buy converter tool from www.polarion.com and export to SVN. Starteam converter is only available in nightly build.

- Buy Plastic SCM.

- Then import SVN.

Well, I don't really know... #-o


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Ok, I see.

Well, all the problems you've should be fixed with Plastic... :-({|=

Of course, you'd like to try with your own sources, right?

Do you really need to buy from Polarion or is it free?

We'll give you free licenses to test, so you don't need to buy Plastic to try, of course. And our support team will help you for free while running the import process and so on...

Let's check about Polarion, and feel free to contact sales@codicesoftware.com to get in touch.

I'll try to check about Polarion SVN importer asap.

We didn't try to create an importer from StarTeam, but since it's getting more and more outdated (and unsupported, and noone seems to like it anymore), it's probably something we should care of.

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