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InstallShield 2012 Spring - SQL Scripts loses workspace


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Hey Guys -

I have been managing my InstallShield 2012 Spring projects in Plastic and, all-in-all, the SCC works just fine. I am able to check in and out, get latest, perform diffs and so forth all right from InstallShield.

I am experiencing a strange issue, though, when I add SQL Scripts to my InstallShield project. When it comes time to check in, Plastic prompts me to specify the workspace to use even though I am already working in a workspace and had checked out my ISM (InstallShield) file correctly from my project.

My theory is that when InstallShield has me select my SQL file to add to the project, it is doing something to my current Windows path and Plastic now thinks I am trying to check in from a directory other than those found in my workspace.

Here is what I am doing and what happens:

  1. Start InstallShield 2012 Spring and create a new project, placing the new project in my Plastic workspace
  2. Via InstallShield, add project to source control... works fine. I see my new folder/ISM as controlled and checked in viewing it in Plastic
  3. Check out (via InstallShield) and do a ton of work, checking in and out, periodically... all is fine.
  4. In InstallShield, navigate to Server Configuration...SQL Scripts
  5. Add a connection... check in... all is fine
  6. Check out, again and now Insert Script Files under Server Configuration\SQL Files... I am selecting a file which resides outside my workspace. InstallShield is supposed to add this file to my project. It does and all looks OK from InstallShield as well as Plastic (project still checked out)
  7. Try to check in from InstallShield and I get prompted by Plastic to specify the workspace to use for the script I just added. It's strange because the Plastic dialog is pointing to the SOURCE physical location of the file I just inserted into my project, but my project creates a new folder in my workspace which holds the imported file... its own copy, basically. I am not sure why Plastic is trying to check in the file from its source location as opposed to the new location within my workspace.

Now, my experience with Plastic, thus far, has been that it's the other product which is doing something wrong. I just thought I'd bring it to your attention just in case you have seen this in other products.

My understanding of how InstallShield is managing its files may be way off, but I do know it creates a folder within my workspace for these files, so I do not know why Plastic is trying to check it in from the original source location.

Any guidance would be appreciated. If you deem that it's InstallShield having issue, I will open a case with Flexera.



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