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New public release

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Hi there!

we have a new release!

It's been almost 2 weeks from the previous one and this one has some interesting stuff.

Blogpost with the details: http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2012/12/plastic-scm-4110382-release-is-out.html

Here you have the release notes:

External Release (Dec 14th 2012)



Merge performance fixed. It was broken in and now it has been



When multiple items are checked out, and some of them must be locked,

all of them were locked wrongly. Fixed.


Some issues have been fixed related to directory differences:

* "Index was outside the bounds of the array" error that happened

under some special conditions. Fixed

* The xlinks now handle properly the differences. They are not shown

as files anymore.

* The checked out directories were showed with empty content. Fixed.


Xlinks create and edit dialog: taborder fixed.

External Release (Dec 10th 2012)



Shell extension: On some odd circumstances, the attributes extended

panel that is available from the Branches view and the Changesets view

got stucked. Fixed.


Method History: Under some special conditions the method history wasted

CPU although it was closed, when used from the Visual Studio Package.



GUI: under very special circumstances the "plastic.exe" process was not

closed altough the GUI was closed. Fixed: now the GUI closes all its

subprocesses when it is shut down.

External Release (Dec 04th 2012)



The update-merge operation can work now with writable xlinks when there

are not any conflicts in any of the involved repositories.


The checkin recent comments were not being correctly read (from the

disk file) when the comments contained any of these characters:

'_', '#', '@'.


Diff: Lines that contain some special characters that can be handled as

prefixes (such as: &) were not being drawn properly on Linux by the

differences and the mergetool (Mono issue). Fixed.


Repository browser view: If this view was the first items view opened

the folder icons were wrongly painted as a special icon (volume icon).



Shelve: When a shelve was applied the locks were not taken into account.



Shelve: When a file is left as checked out by the shelve operation the

readonly permission is properly removed.

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