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Configuration over VPN connection


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How can I configure the plastic to be able to sync to other computers when I'm using a vpn?

I mean, I need to work from home for some days and I need to be able to sync with my fellow co-workers..

When I connect over my workplace vpn and I try to sync, Plastic shows me a message about my user not been valid and display a GUID.

I don't want to send/receive replication packages all day :(

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Hi Cidico!

Once you are inside the VPN check if you have connectivity with the central repository. A regular "cm lrep centralServer:Port" command will do it.

The GUID error means that the Plastic server is not able to resolve your user. That means for example, that the communication between Plastic and the AD is not possible.

Which authentication mode are you using for your local server?

Best regards!

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in that case, it seems that your Plastic SCM server, that's configured to work with an AD server, is not able to able to establish a communication with the AD server.

Check the server configuration, maybe you can setup an LDAP connecion using AD specifying an IP. Check if it works.

If you want I can assist you with a GoToMeeting connection.

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