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hi, this my first post. hello to the codice community.

a very useful thing when working in version control is to be able to see comments for the different changes made. i'm trying to understand a good workflow for finding comments when working off the branch explorer for changesets. for instance, if i want to see the comments for a branch, i rgtClick->Properties then read the comment box. however, when i want to see comments for a changeset, my current workflow is to rgtClk->ShowChangeSetContent, reference the changeset number, open up a Changesets window, find the referenced changeset number and then read the comment. i find the branch explorer to be an incredibly useful place to work from, so to be able to read the changeset comments after the first clickthrough in the ShowChangeSetContent window would be much more efficient and useful. perhaps adding a Comments column to the Changeset Content window? what do you think?


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Hi MC,

Yes, it makes sense to have an easier way to access csets comments from the branch explorer.

The upcoming Plastic SCM 2.8 will be able to display extended information about tasks on the branch explorer as you can see in the following image:


We'll be adding also a way to display csets (numbers and comments) on the Branch Explorer

Will this fit for you?

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