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New public release


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Hi there!

It's been a while since the last release, so here you have the first of the year!

Check the new stuff in the following blogpost -> http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2013/01/plastic-scm-4110388-release-is-out.html

And finally the release notes:

External Release (Jan 14th 2013)



The version tree 2D filter algorithm has been improved:

1) Only relevant labels are shown.

2) Included some options to filter. Now you are able to see:

a) Only revisions.

B) Revisions and merges from revisions to other changesets.

c) Availability to view/hide labels.

d) Availability to view all merges related to the history of the

current file.


Plastic GUI: Added a hint when a custom logo is shown.


Office plugin: The Plastic SCM tab can be shown / hidden.


Diff: Diffs on Xlinks were calculated incorrectly when the xlink

containing the differences was pointing to a different repository.

It was always trying to solve the differences locally on the same

server. Fixed.


Diff: An "out of memory" exception during the file differences process

that could happen under some special conditions, has been fixed.


Diff: The diff and merge tools configured for a specific extension were

returned for another extension that starts with the defined extension.



Diff: When UTF8 encoding is set as comparison encoding (UTF8 is always

used for differences and merges) and the file is not an UTF8 file, the

first byte is not handled properly. Fixed.


Pending Changes view: The merge is shown multiple times when it is in

progress. Fixed.


Office plugin: Backend for PowerPoint 2010 has been disabled. It was not

working properly.

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