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Excel Diff does not diff and gives error


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I enabled the Excel diff tool in Plastic.

My Client version is

My Excel version is 14.0.6129.5000 from the Micorosoft Office Professional Plus 2010 suite.


When I try to perform a diff on an excel file, it gives me the following dialog error :-



Script: C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM4\client\diffscripts\diff-xls.js

Line: 72

Char: 9

Error: Expected ';'

Code: 800A03EC

Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error


I followed the instructions in here http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2012/08/diff-and-merge-for-microsoft-office_6.html to configure the excel diff tool. 


I'm sure this is a configuration issue.


Any ideas ?




Chun Wong


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Ummmmmmmmm, you are using one of the latest Plastic SCM releases, you should have, by default, the ".xls" and ".xlsx" differences enabled.


Can you please open the Plastic SCM preferences window and verify if you have more than one difftool configured for xls files?


If you one have the one you have just added remove it and configure the following:


Type: External diff tool.

Script: wscript.exe "C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM4\client\diffscripts\diff-xls.js" "@sourcefile" "@destinationfile" //E:javascript

Use: ".xls;.xlsx"

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Hi manu,


I tried re-applying the setting and it did not work.


I then did some further testing and found that a newly added excel spreadsheet with some changes was successfully showing the correct diffs.


With the problem excel spreadsheet, it seems that there was something that went wrong with a previous merge of the excel spreadsheet by another plastic user and this was the only merge in the branch.


Performing diffs back through the changeset history identified that a problem was introduced at the point where the excel spreadsheet was unsuccessfully merged together with changes from the other plastic user(they were on an older plastic version of the client). Diffs prior to that merge were performed successfully. Any attempt to diff between changesets after that merge resulted in the above error on both my computer and the other users computer.


Since there were not too many changes, I removed the problem changesets and re-applied all the changes to the excel spreadsheet and then checked that in. After prompting me to merge and then subsequently checking the changes in, this has fixed the problem.


Thanks for your help and guidance.

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I deleted all the changesets in order to fix the problem.


I took a copy of the latest excel spreadsheet as a backup before I did this.


I've tested this file by adding it to Source Control and then checking it out and making a change and performing a diff and I get the same problem outlined as before.


I'll send this to your email rather than through the forum.

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