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New public release


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We are on fire!


A new public release that comes with the Eclipse Mylyn support!!


We also have a preferences refactor for the switch to branch operation, very useful for CLI users!


Check all the new stuff here: http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2013/02/plastic-scm-4110397-is-out.html


Release notes:




External Release (Feb 11th 2013)
        Installer: Mylyn for Eclipse has been included in the installer! Now it
        is available for Plastic SCM 4.
        The CLI now takes into account the preference to allow / do not allow
        when trying to switch / update a workspace with changed items.
        This preference has been moved from GUI configuration (guiclient.conf)
        to the common configuration (client.conf). The old value for this
        setting will be upgraded to the new behavior the first that Plastic is
        On the other hand, this preference could still be changed from the GUI
        from "Preferences" -> "Other options" -> "Behavior when trying to
        switch / update the workspace with changed items":
        * "Allow"
        * "Allow, showing a warning"
        * "Do not allow, showing an error"
        Server: The stats logging was failing in some concurrency scenarios
        (the call user was not set yet).
        Version tree 2D: Fixed a crash (stack overflow exception) that happened
        when the main branch has a long history.
        Version tree 2D: the changeset number was cut when drawing the vertical
        layout. Fixed.
        Method history: A null was raised in linux when the view was opened
        (from the Annotate view, as usual). It is a mono 2.6.x issue that
        happens when setting the value of a DataGridViewCell object. Fixed:
        The problem has been workarounded by initializing the rows of the grid
        in a different way.
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