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ignore.conf - ignored?

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I've created the following ignore.conf file:




Performance Snapshots






However, on a brand new repository and a brand new workspace (where I exported all my code from Subversion) when I do an "Add (recursive)" it adds everything, including all the "ignored" files and folders?!

I've put the file in the root folder of my workspace, and at:


(this is on Vista x64)

Thanks for your help,


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Hi, Robert:

Do you have your ignore.conf file in the root of the new workspace where you want to apply it or in the older's one?

If you place your ignore.conf in a workspace's root, it will be applied only for that workspace.

You said that you placed it in your Local\plastic folder too; that way the ignore.conf file will be applied in every workspace.

Ok, let's take a look on your ignore.conf file:

First of all, it is important to remark that Plastic will search for files (only files) in ignore.conf, not directories (maybe the problem is there). The reason is that it makes no sense to ignore a folder and maybe add its content if they don't fit the file names contained in ignore.conf. If you have read the user's manual I know, there is a mistake in the example given in page 19 (or maybe it is a bit confusing)...

So, let's get to the point:

bin <- should ignore all files named "bin"

obj <- should ignore all files named "obj"

publish <- should ignore all files named "publish"

Performance Snapshots <- should ignore all files named "Performance Snapshots"

TestResults <- should ignore all files named "TestResults"

_ReSharper* <- should ignore all files named "_ReSharper"+whatever

*.user <- should ignore all files which extension is "user".

*.pdb <- should ignore all files which extension is "pdb"

desktop.ini <- should ignore all files named "desktop.ini"

Wildcards like ? and # are supported.

I'm almost sure that your problem is with the first entries. In this case you should add recursively the desired directories manually in the Plastic graphic client. That way your binary directories will be ignored.

I expect that this information solves your problem.



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And here: http://www.plasticscm.com/opdownloads2/opreleasenotes2.aspx

New: Implemented a mechanism to filter out unwanted files and folders from the private items view with a list of patterns (wildcards are allowed). Eg. Now the user can to ignore folders with names "Output", "Debug" and "Release", and the online help build folders. A configuration file called ignore.conf can be defined on each workspace root folder, or in the user configuration folder. This file contains exclude rules. This rules are applied to the add operation and to the privates view. Each file that case with some rule will be ignored for add operation and hidden for privates view.

So it can definitely ignore folders, but I'm doing something wrong...

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I got it working.

Apparently the patterns are not compared to the file name or to the folder name, but instead the exclusions are compared to the entire path!. That's why I couldn't just specify "desktop.ini", because the PATH doesn't match it! Instead, *desktop.ini works, because that will ignore any desktop.ini file on any path. Powerful yes, documented no.

This is VERY different than the documentation and the release notes!

Here's my now working ignore.conf file:

# RAM: The Plastic ignore file, which details which files and folders will be ignored





*\Performance Snapshots*






What worries me is that:

1. The documentation is dramatically wrong.

2. Only one person replied to this forum thread

3. That person was wrong

4. When I called their support phone number I got an answering machine

5. When I e-mailed their support I got absolutely no response (even to indicate that my question was received)

6. Google only had links to the incorrect documentation and release notes

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Hi, Robert:

I am so sorry for your problems; we'll check them and fix all the problems reported accurately.

I expect that we won't have any problem like this in the future.

Sorry for the inconveniences,


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Hi, Robert:

I have checked all the problems related with this issue and fixed them. In the next release it will be updated.

As you stated, all entries in ignore.conf file must be paths, not names. This way:

*/bin (ignores all bin directories)

C:\wk\obj (ignore the directory C:\wk\obj)

C:\wk\processes.conf (ignore the file C:\wk\processes.conf)

*processes.conf (ignore all files named processes.conf in the workspace)

*.suo (ignore all files with extension .suo)

*private* (ignore all files or directories which contains

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will NOT work. It correctly ignores all the bin directories, but (the current version of) PlasticSCM will then attempt to add all the files inside the bin directory, and will fail, popping up a dialog box saying that it can't add files inside a folder that has been ignored (or some such message).

This is why you must do */bin*

Note that */bin/* does NOT work either, because then it will not include the bin directory itself.

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Yes, that is the correct way it works.

Logically, if you don't specify anything else, it won't add the bin dir and will try to add its content.

*/bin/* won't work because it will search for '/bin/' strings.

In the end it is a regular expression, simply, which is compared with path files/dirs.



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