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Semantic Merge


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awesome guys!


I have dreamed of a merge tool understanding the structure of my code (code file != large blob of text) for a long time


(links from my web research on this topic long ago..)


[Language-aware diff tools? - 2004]



[Diff tool that can compare sub-sections of files - 2009)



Moving a function around is not a delete + addition!, hehe..


You guys continue to rock my world.


Would be kinda neet to compare some chunky code file (eg old file, newest rev) on some random github repositories and see if the diff helps makes sense of how the code evolved, or rather, what is left of the original over time. hehe



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Hi Manu,


Would be nice if selecting something on the left would show the diff tool (or diff view) on the right.


Other than that: I'm trying to get used to it (will take some time to get confident about the results).



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I have downloaded the beta and run through the examples.  Now I have a question: can the semanticmergetool.exe be used to replace the mergetool.exe in the 'Plastic SCM preferences' 'Diff tools' and 'Merge tools' sections for 'Type/Suffix' $text?  If so, are the command line parameters the same as for the mergetool.exe?


Also, getting all of the command line parameters was a chore because you can't copy from the command line editor on the 'Diff tool configuration' screen when 'Plastic SCM diff tool' is select.  The same goes for the 'Merge tool configuration screen'.  You also cannot resize the 'Plastic SCM preferences' screen.


All that being said, I am very excited about semanticmerge.  Looking forward to its release.

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I ran the new Semantic Merge tool on a C# source containing #warning directives and i got warnings on inconsistent

source trees.


I also find it annoying that I cannot see the diff (just on the selected item) when selecting a merge item. I can select source/base an destination but can only see one at a time. For conflicts I can (luckily) start the old merge tool with just the item.


Bottom line, it needs some time to get used to.



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