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Eclipse Diff with previous


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Hi --


I finally upgraded to Plastic from my old Plastic 3 install. I've also installed the Plastic plugins for my Eclipse 4.2 x64 on Windows 7.


The plastic Eclipse plugins work well, except that I can't diff with previous from within Eclipse. I'm working on Cold Fusion files, which Plastic appears to think are binary files. So, from within Eclipse, I right click on a file Team ->Diff with previous and Eclipse responds "Unsupported file types for binary diff. Only images are supported (JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP)"


From within the Plastic GUI, I configured .cfm and .cfc files to use the internal diff and internal merge to work. 


Or, maybe I need a way to tell Plastic that .cfm and .cfc files are text files, and this would then work?


Thank you!




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