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Integration with IAR Workbench


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Hi, first post from a SCM newbie...  Have been around embedded software (assembler, C, and some simple C++) for 20+ years, and have recently been looking at getting a new SCM up and running here.  At 1st glance, Plastic SCM seems to be very user friendly and easy to use.  I have several questions that I'll try to post in the correct forums.  We have some SCM use history for a few projects, but the current tool is not used much due to complexity, lame user interface, and lack of easy-to-read documentation.  Most developpers have fallen back to the "copy-paste" backup model, which is not maintainable, as we all know (as well as very dangerous.)


Being for embedded applications, most of our software is compiled using IAR's Workbench IDE.  Has anyone specifically integrated with this IDE?  It supports SCC, but from what I gather, SCC is "limited", compared to "full" integration (whatever that means.)  I'd like to know what are these limitations with regards to Plastic SCM.  Should I proceed with using the SCC integration, or should I remain "manual"?  I've successfully installed Pastic SCM locally and have gone through the tutorial with ease.  It looks like integration is not an ABSOLUTE requirement, so I wonder what is gained with integration, and whether SCC integration is worth the trouble (i.e. we don't use Eclipse or Visual Studio, which have "full integration", so what am I losing, if anything?)


Thanks for your help!

[Edit: For Plastic developpers, are they any plans for an IAR integration plug-in?]

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Actually I don´t know a SCC connector for  IAR's Workbench IDE, but if there is a SCC connector, it could work with Plastic SCM. SCC integrations, give you the possibility to perform the main operations using your IDE.


But, you can still use plastic and  IAR's Workbench IDE without a plugin, take a look into the Transparent SCM feature: http://www.plasticsc...parent-scm.aspx


Best regards,


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