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Git Sync (Error: The branch attribute is not correctly formed)


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I have been using the 4.2 development branch and successfully using git sync to sync Plastic and Git.  Up until yesterday, I was using and all was working fine.  Yesterday, I upgraded to and now I am unable to get the git sync to work properly.  


The error message simply states "The branch attribute is not correctly formed", with no explanation of which branch or why such a branch might not be correctly formed.  I'd review logs files to see more, but I don't know how to turn on the logs for the client side.  


Please advise as to next step for further research?  Thanks, Stuart.

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I have attached the log file generated by Plastic when attempting to sync.  


Unfortunately, no, this is not a public repository.  We are using Plastic and Git to develop for internal ERP software, so external hosting of the source code would be dangerous at best.  


I have also attached the results of the following query, run on the SQL DB of the repository in question, in the hopes that it will be useful as well.


select *
from objectswithattributes oa
inner join branches b on oa.sourceobjectid = b.objectid






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