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how to create diff in patch file format using 'cm'


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How can I create a diff file using command line tool ('cm')?


cm diff command only show that the name of the file.

> cm diff cs:277 cs:279

> C "/home/abhiravk/workspace/plastic/fandu/ignore.conf"


Moreover '--all' option doesn't work with 'diff' command; maybe it is applied by default.

> cm diff cs:277 cs:279 --all

> diff: Unexpected option --all
Abhirav Kushwaha
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I ended up with this in client.conf

        <string>diff -u @sourcefile @destinationfile</string>

But that affects all diffs, not just "cm diff"

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Hi PSCM dev team,


Please, we need such a feature. We can have the diff list between 2 changesets/ labels but nothing to convert this information into a patch file. Any news about this (roadmap, labs version,...) ?

Note : I already added my 3 votes on the appropriate uservoice thread.





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Hi all,


I work on a development project and it needs a file containing differences between two changeset. So I need such a feature.

Thank you for keeping me informed of the progress of this project


Yours faithfully,



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Hi all,


Since the patch feature seems not to be planned for now, I would like to know if adding an "export view data" command/GUI button in the diff changeset window could be doable ? Using the exported xml file could be a good stating point.




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