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Problem when user folder has spaces

Agent Cooper

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I really want to use your amazing tool, but I have a user folder that contains a space and when I try and run the tool, I get an error when I hit the ‘merge’ button which then pops up a dialog that says ‘Can’t load file c:\users\peter’


Any ideas how I can workaround that?



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Hi Agent cooper!


The error could be in the parameters specification. If you use paths with whitespaces you should specify the parameters with quotes.
The following command is the result of execute the "Socket_Deeper" example in a path that contais whitespaces. Could you check it?


-edt="""C:\user\manu\semanticmerge\samples\CSharp\Socket_Deeper\..\..\..\mergetool.exe"" -s=""@sourcefile"" -sn=""@sourcesymbolic"" -d=""@destinationfile"" -dn=""@destinationsymbolic"" -t=""@filetype"" -i=""@comparationmethod"" -e=""@fileencoding"""
-emt="""C:\user\manu\semanticmerge\samples\CSharp\Socket_Deeper\..\..\..\mergetool.exe"" -b=""@basefile"" -bn=""@basesymbolic"" -s=""@sourcefile"" -sn=""@sourcesymbolic"" -d=""@destinationfile"" -dn=""@destinationsymbolic"" -r=""@output"" -t=""@filetype"" -i=""@comparationmethod"" -e=""@fileencoding"""
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