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Looking for some clarification

I have the following for my difftool config which aligns with the docs

[difftool "semanticmerge"]
    cmd = \"C:\\Users\\KyleZeronik\\AppData\\Local\\semanticmerge\\semanticmergetool.exe\" -s \"$LOCAL\" -d \"$REMOTE\"

Later in the dock it shows the following for the mergetool config

[mergetool "semanticmerge"]
  cmd = C:/Users/pablo/AppData/Local/semanticmerge/semanticmergetool.exe -s \"$REMOTE\" -d \"$LOCAL\" -b \"$BASE\" -r \"$MERGED\"

Why the flip of the -s and -d params from difftool to mergetool?

I think of a merge as taking my (your) source into their destination - should I simple set up the parameters to adhere to that semantic - although I think Semantic Merge has a mis alignment of Src - their changes and Dst - your changes

Please clear up my confusion with the config and the semantics :)

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