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Unable to diff shelved files in P4v

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After following the instructions to configure semantic merge as the difftool, I get an error of that looks like the following when right-clicking a shelved files and clicking "Diff against source revision":


Could not find file



Looking at the log in Perforce I see the following command:

p4 diff2 {path}/SomeCSharpFile.cs#65 {path}/SomeCSharpFile.cs@=418368


It appears that SemanticMerge is not handling the @=4183868 revision symbol at the end of the second file.


Diffing unshelved files works fine for me.

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I'm not able to get the problem reproduced :(


When I invoke semanticmerge with the following line, it works fine!

semanticmergetool.exe -s=C:\example\CSharp\SomeCSharpFile.cs#65 -d=C:\example\CSharp\SomeCSharpFile.cs@=418368 -l=csharp



Could you send me the semanticmerge log when you perform the p4 command?


The file to configure the log is named semantic.log.conf and you can find it under the installation directory: "C:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Local\PlasticSCM4\semanticmerge". It should be set to the DEBUG level.


Thanks in advance.


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