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Deactivating users


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I'm trying to deactivate a user with the command 'cm deactivate user'.  Trouble is the user has been removed from the active directory and the ID has been replaced with a string starting 'S-1-5-21'.

The response was "The user {S-1-5-21} does not exist.  Maybe you have to use the flag "--nosolveuser" to deactivate a user that doesn't exist in the authorisation system anymore."

What are the ramifications of using this command?  Will it simply deactive the user?

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Hello Rick,

yes! That's right, it will deactivate the "  {S-1-5-21...} " account.

Plastic SCM stores the AD/LDAP sids so if the user is not available anymore we can't resolve it (in order to get the human friendly name), by using the  "--nosolveuser" you are just bypassing the resolution.

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