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Exclusive checkout Cloud vs Local

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I'm wondering what the best way to setup our dev environment to support exclusive checkouts with Unity.  I'm finding disjointed and unclear documentation on how to set this up (http://blog.plasticscm.com/2014/11/orchestrate-your-development-with.html vs https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/cloud/plastic-scm-version-control-cloud-guide.shtml for example).

We have a dev environment as follows:


Office Alpha:





Office Beta:





There is no VPN currently between alpha and beta.  We are looking at setting up a distributed SCM with file locking.  With the artists using Gluon, it seems they are configured to use server@cloud.  The developers are configured to use their server@localhost.


Using the lock.conf method, 1 system needs to be setup as the manager of exclusive checkouts.  But how do the artist systems point to this server if Gluon has them using server@cloud?


Alternatively, we can all use server@cloud and configure the lock files on the cloud.  Is this the correct/best way to handle this?  What are we sacrificing this way?  Is this only recently possible now that merge is supported on the cloud?


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locking is good for artists and Gluon too so I would go for the Plastic SCM cloud. The Plastic SCM cloud allows you to configure locks and work directly connected to it, merge is now even supported! You don't sacrifice a thing :)

Developers can work distributed, pulling and pushing information using the replica. I think it's the best way but you can also let hem connect directly... all the operations except the "shelve" are supported on the cloud.

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