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Hi, the command line for listing users from a group does not work for me:

/Applications/PlasticSCMServer.app/Contents/Applications/umtool.app/Contents/MacOS/umtool listmembersfromgroup
Unknown command 'listmembersfromgroup'

i was able to create users, group, list users, list groups but not the above command

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just running umtool gave me an answer...

Long name               Short name
addgrouptogroup         agtg
addusertogroup          autg
changeuserpassword      passwd
creategroup             cg  
createuser              cu  
deletegroup             dg  
deletegroupfromgroup    dgfg
deleteuser              du  
deleteuserfromgroup     dufg
help                    hlp
listgroupmembers        lgm
listgroups              lg  
listusers               lu  
renamegroup             rg  
renameuser              ru  

unfortunately the online manual does not tell that there are different versions that have different commands. according to cm version i am running under osx.

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