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"Finding changes in the workspace" taking over two minutes


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For most of this project's lifetime, it's only taken a few seconds to find pending changes in the workspace. Then at one point, it jumped up maybe 10-20 seconds and I just assumed it was because the project was growing. A week ago, it jumped up to over 2 minutes. I got sick of working like this so today I tried to fix it by reducing the number of files and the file sizes for files Plastic is controlling, assuming that was what was dragging it down. 

The thing that seemed to trigger this exceptionally long wait time was that I added a lot of generated files (mesh assets in Unity). So one thing I tried was having those mesh assets embedded into the scene file to reduce the number of files. Didn't seem to help how long it was taking, so I assumed the extra file size of that scene file from the meshes inside canceled out any benefit. So I changed back to using external files and just have Plastic ignore them since I can always generate them again, figuring it wouldn't waste any time looking at files that were ignored. I've also deleted about a gig worth of files I wasn't using to try save a bit more time. I didn't time how long checking for changes took before doing these changes, but it doesn't feel like anything I did helped lower the time at all. 

So I'm curious what sort of things affect how long that takes. Once it's that long, is there anything I can do to shorten it? Or is it a permanent thing for this repository and my only option is to start a fresh repo? I guess I was under the impression it'd only need to check differences between last checkin and current files, but it's not really behaving that way -- much older checkins seem to keep the long wait times alive.

Any ideas? 


edit: found this thread -- 

"If you open the Pending Changes view --> Options, you will probably have enabled the options marked with * . These operations a require disk search. With big workspaces it could take a while. If this is your case reconfigure the options according to your needs."

My options are set to:


Still have questions

  • The extra files are in ignored directories... does it still search those?
  • What's the difference between private and ignored items? Would new files show up as private items?
  • If I don't check "Show manually deleted items" how am I supposed to track deleted items? 
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So, same repo, but simply checking it out as a new Workspace. Even after regenerating those files, it's back down to ~10 seconds. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

edit: New workspace is at least a gig smaller, but it's mostly stuff in ignored directories, so it does seem to waste time searching ignored directories...  any way to prevent that? 


Right is the quicker one -- Library is where most the file size disparity comes from. ignore.conf has 

  • Library/**

edit2: yeah, in old workspace if I delete the Library folder it goes super quick. Why is it wasting time looking in the Library folder when that folder is ignored...? 

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Can you please give me the following info? I'll try to reproduce the issue. From what you said it seems the local moved items search is taking into account the ignored directory and it shouldn't do that.

I need:

*MacPlastic version.

*Number of items the Library directory contains.



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