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External 2 Way Merge Tool

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Here is the snip from my .gitconfig

	tool = semanticmerge
	#tool = vscode
	prompt = false
[difftool "semanticmerge"]
	cmd = \"C:\\Users\\KyleZeronik\\AppData\\Local\\semanticmerge\\semanticmergetool.exe\" -s \"$LOCAL\" -d \"$REMOTE\"
[difftool "vscode"]
	cmd = code --wait --diff $LOCAL $REMOTE
	tool = semanticmerge
  	prompt = false
  	keepBackup = false
[mergetool "semanticmerge"]
	cmd = \"C:\\Users\\KyleZeronik\\AppData\\Local\\semanticmerge\\semanticmergetool.exe\" -s \"$LOCAL\" -d \"$REMOTE\" -b \"$BASE\" -r \"$MERGED\"
	trustExitCode = true

Here is my semanticmergetool.conf

--externaldifftool="C:\Users\KyleZeronik\AppData\Local\semanticmerge\mergetool" -s="#sourcefile" -sn="#sourcesymbolic" -d="#destinationfile" -dn="#destinationsymbolic" -t="#filetype" -i="#comparationmethod" -e="#fileencoding" --textonly
--externalmergetool="C:\Users\KyleZeronik\AppData\Local\semanticmerge\mergetool" -b="#basefile" -bn="#basesymbolic" -s="#sourcefile" -sn="#sourcesymbolic" -d="#destinationfile" -dn="#destinationsymbolic" -t="#filetype" -i="#comparationmethod" -e="#fileencoding" --textonly -r="#output" -re="#resultencoding"
--external2waymergetool="C:\Program Files\Devart\Code Compare\CodeMerge.exe" -TWOWAY -MF "#sourcefile" -TF "#destinationfile" -RF "#output"

I can successfully invoke Code Merge from a command line with the arguments listed but nothing happens when I try to invoke 2 merge from SemanticMerge UI

Any thoughts?

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I think you are not doing anything wrong. We found an issue based in your feedback and it seems the 2-way merge tool is not launched when needed.

We'll take care of it and I'll upgrade this thread.

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Hi @K_Z,

I have just tested and the "Csharp\4. AclInfoPrinter" example and works well.

It has a 2-way-merge resolution available, please give it a try:



This is my "C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local\semanticmerge\semanticmergetool.conf" config :

--external2waymergetool="C:\Program Files\Devart\Code Compare\CodeMerge.exe" /TWOWAY /THEIRSFILE "#sourcefile" /THEIRSTITLE "#sourcesymbolic" /MINEFILE "#destinationfile" /MINETITLE "#destinationsymbolic" /RESULTFILE "#output"


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