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User unknown. We just updated Cloud security. Restart Plastic client.

Darren Wood

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We are evaluating PlasticSCM and having trouble setting up a repository. We are getting

"User unknown <email>. We just upgraded Cloud security. Now you need a valid plasticscm.com user. If you already have one, just enter the credentials. If the problem persist, restart your Plastic client. Sorry for the inconveniences.."

I've restarted the computer, but nothing seems to work. Using the latest cloud build.

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Hi Darren,

We have changed some cloud security settings that are generating this "user unkown" issue. We are releasing the fix early next week, but meantime, please follow this workaround:

- Select "Just create a workspace" pointing to a local repository. After that, the GUI should be opened and you can open the "Cloud" section in the GUI. You will be requested to enter the credentials again in order to create a connection profile.

FInally, you should be able to access to the cloud repositories and continue with your evaluation.

Sorry for the inconveniences, 

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